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MotoGP, Déjà vu for Marquez as Bagnaia reminds him of Dovizioso on the Ducati

“Pity about the crash, but what matters is having been up front fighting for the lead. Binder was brave, in Aragon I crashed in the same situation as him "

MotoGP: Déjà vu for Marquez as Bagnaia reminds him of Dovizioso on the Ducati

You can certainly saw that it was a crazy Austrian GP. This was also the case with Marc Marquez, who was about to taste the victory before he crashed after bike swap. A bitter epilogue for #93, which saw the win vanish with 4 laps to go.

When it started to rain, the #93 came into the pits for the flag to flag, then in an attempt to recover, he was the victim of a crash that saw his dreams of victory vanish. Although he managed to get back in the race, the Honda rider eventually finished in 15th place, picking up one point.

"Today I raced with a very tired arm - he declared - I was in pain during the warm-up phases, and as a result I had to resort to painkilling infiltration. It is a very strange thing, which I am trying to understand with my physiotherapist. In some moments I am in pain, while in others I feel bad. Apart from that, I did the race with an arm that was becoming more tired lap after lap. So I have to work on my body, as well as the bike "

Marc mentioned his Honda…

“Today I managed to be in front and this is important. What interests me is how much effort I have to put in to be with the best. In addition, there is also race management, since I would like to be the one to manage the race and not have to adapt to the other riders. Apart from that it was a good weekend, where we tried a lot of things that will be useful for the future. In the race, however, I wanted to do my own thing, using what I liked. In some ways this could be considered as a step backwards, but in the end it is like having made a compromise. In the end the race did not go in the desired direction, but we took a step forward ”.

The spoke in the wheel came from the rain, which forced Marc to do the flag-to-flag…

"In the dry I felt good and I was able to be strong, even if Pecco had something more than me. The interesting thing is that today's race was like a déjà vu. I was fighting with Bagnaia, but it seemed like Dovizioso was on that Ducati. Unfortunately I crashed, but maybe I could have reached the podium and that would have been a great result in a weekend full of pitfalls like this. But I want to start again with the sensations I had in the dry, as I was competitive and this pays off for the great effort made by the team over the entire weekend. For me, having been in front fighting with the best counts more than the crash I picked up in the wet. Yesterday, after qualifying, I had excellent sensations and these were confirmed today in the race ”.

The issue of his physique, however, remains the key aspect of Marc's performance.

“When you come from a good result, your morale is always high. It is a bit like a footballer when he unblocks himself and scores that goal he longed for. After that then it takes very little to score others. As I said earlier today I made a mistake, because I ended up on the ground, but I want to start again from the fact that I managed to be competitive, since I pushed from the start, managing to be consistent. Apart from that there are the results. When you fight for the world championship you try to take fewer risks and in the end it didn't go the way you hoped. The strategy, however, was excellent and in the end Pecco was perfect, as he finished second achieving an important result ”.

One last consideration was for Binder…

“I congratulate him on his win, as he showed he was brave to continue with slicks in the wet. I also tried to do something like that in the past at Aragon, but unfortunately I ended up on the ground with a lap and a half to go. "  


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