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MotoGP, Pernat: "Aprilia took on Dovizioso, Marquez's only rival"

VIDEO - “For the company in Noale, this is the litmus test, the turning point. Andrea saw the RS-GP21 in the Qatar tests and was convinced to try it."

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Dovizioso with Aprilia. Our Carlo Pernat had anticipated it a few weeks ago during our Bar Sport. Last night, the manager from Genoa brought the topic back up: "Andrea agreed to take this test,” he began. “He’s convinced, given the potential expressed by the bike during the tests. He obviously won't do it for free, even if there’s no talk about a contract. The idea, however, is to perform several tests, play some wildcards, and be on the track in 2022."

The appointment between Dovi and the RS-GP21 is for March 12th-14th in Jerez: “I’m convinced that Andrea will be able to develop the bike well. For Aprilia, this’ll be the litmus test. They have certainly invested more in Noale than last year, confirming that this is the turning point.

Everyone’s definitely waiting for the rider from Forlì: "Dovi didn’t win the World Championship, but he was the first of the humans, as well as the only one who tried to fight for the title with Marquez, beating him on several occasions at the last turn. If we have to criticize Andrea, are the others lame? I’m of the opinion that Dovi would have liked to race again this year, but he didn’t find the opportunities based on his requests."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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