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MotoGP, Pernat: "Doctor Costa was ‘in love’ with Marquez, he feels betrayed"

"He's a sensitive person and he got his fingers burnt. It seems nobody wants to win the World Championship. KTM doesn't have the riders to do so"

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Carlo Pernat this week made an exception to the rule and instead of chatting with GPOne readers on Saturday he moved forward to Friday. As always, there were numerous topics to talk about, starting with the difficulties of MotoGP beginning in Qatar by building a bubble against Covid. Another issue that has taken centre stage in recent days has been the statements of Claudio Costa, who felt disappointed that he was not consulted by Marquez after the accident.

The Italian manager's opinion was clear: "Claudio quarrelled with Valentino, they ended their rapport, and he fell ‘in love’ with Marquez. He didn't see it as a sort of revenge against Rossi, but he believed in it, so much so that he wrote a book for him. He felt that he was his doctor, but the fact that after the accident he himself available and Marc said no to him brought an end to this situation in which he believed. So I can understand Claudio, he felt betrayed by Marc, he got his fingers burnt because he is a very sensitive person. He was the one who told me. It goes without saying however that Marquez has the right to make his own decisions ”.

Pernat also gave his viewpoint on the world championship before the tests and did not conceal his doubts…

"I have a strange feeling, there is not one rider who says: I will win - he observed - It seems that everyone is playing catch-up, I see total uncertainty, it is as if everyone is covering their asses. Ducati has come from a year in which it deserved a fail grade, Yamaha won a lot but also had a lot of problems, Honda did not have a wonderful year, so Suzuki is the only one with a good bike but has lost Brivio, so there it is uncertainty everywhere”.

KTM is missing from the list…

"I don’t think that KTM will win the World Championship because it doesn't have the riders capable of doing itwas Pernat’s view - Oliveira is not ready yet, neither is Binder, we can hope for Petrucci but there’s a big question mark as to how he will go with that bike" .

There was also a dig at Yamaha…

"If Honda has already done some tests and Yamaha has not, either they still have to work because they are not in good shape or they have nothing new".

You can watch the broadcast in full in the video above. Or listen to the PODCAST, below.

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