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MotoGP, Quartararo says he’d be happy "if Nakagami won this GP"

"He hasn’t had the best results, but he has become faster and faster and we have to beware of him. I’m missing two tenths of a second to get in the top five."

MotoGP: Quartararo says he’d be happy "if Nakagami won this GP"


There is no feeling, there is no feeling, says Fabio Quartararo. Who also tries to smile, but it's tough when it's the second time you ride on the Aragon circuit and the bike doesn't go the way you want it.

“I can say that yes, I'm a bit worried. Because I'm not really in good shape. But I want to improve. I want to grow, and not so much in terms of positions, but in terms of feeling with the tyres we will use. Of course it is not easy to improve, but we want to try. Tomorrow morning we will try something on the bike, different things to solve the problems we have ”.

And in this world championship of surprises, in this world championship of everyone against everyone, Nakagami has now also got involved.

“If Taka wins this race I would be happy, because so far our main rivals have been Mir, Vinales and Dovizioso. But this is a race I have never found a feeling with, in two weeks and so I have to do my best. I thought I was more in shape, I don't know how I found myself in this situation. But Nagakami can become a contender for the world championship, he is the one who has more consistency even if he has not had the best results. He has become faster and faster at every Grand Prix and we have to beware of him. "

Beware of him, beware of everyone. On the other hand, Quartararo knows what his bike is missing to be competitive.

“I’m still missing two-tenths of a second in terms of pace to get into the top five. I lose in the long corners, that is, corners 10, 16 and 17. Maybe because of the grip of the medium tyre”.

And one begins to wonder if Suzuki sent Rins to try to destabilize him. Quartararo says no.

“It was a coincidence: I saw that he was behind me but in FP2 he didn't come off the gas when I was behind him and so I decided not to come off the gas in qualifying. He is not as dangerous as Mir for the championship." But in general “the qualifying was tough, we made a lot of changes on the bikes this weekend. It was good for the pace, but I didn't have the feeling. I had an out of the ordinary grip. It is a track on which I have a lot of problems. I'm looking forward to riding at Valencia to have better sensations. "

For this GP, however, there will still be the problem of the tyres…

“Our pace isn't great, but we're not that far off either. I lapped in 1’48.7 with a tyre that had already done 13 laps. Two curves are really bad for us. It is not clear what kind of tyres we will use tomorrow, it seems that the soft are better. But perhaps for the final laps the mediums are more suitable. The mediums have better consistency, but they don't seem perfect at first. We have to be good and see what we can improve tomorrow morning for the power of the bike ”.


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