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MotoGP, Dovizioso at a loss and struggles to 17th on grid as frustration sets in

"The track has nothing to do with it, I still can't brake with these tyres. I'm 17th and when you start so far back there's not much you can do"

MotoGP: Dovizioso at a loss and struggles to 17th on grid as frustration sets in

"It's frustrating, it's tough." Dovizioso is unable to mask his feelings after a 17th place in qualifying at Barcelona. Nobody had expected that his biggest chance to win the title would turn into his biggest disappointment. His Ducati, a faithful companion for many years, now no longer responds to his commands and Andrea is unable to find a solution.

“I would like to be as positive as in the past, but the situation is very different - he admitted - If I am not in the top positions it is because I continue to struggle in braking and it is frustrating. With these tyres I can't brake and I'm behind in the standings. As soon as I try to push I make mistakes and don't exploit the potential of the bike. The fact that at Barcelona there is less grip makes no difference, the problems are the same as I had in Misano ”.

Dovi and his team have been looking for a solution since the beginning of the year but they seem trapped in a negative spiral.

"It's frustrating because in the last three years I had been able to work well, adapt and improve, but now I can't - he continued - I don't think the tracks have anything to do with it, by now we have raced on different circuits, with different levels of grip. I expected to be in better shape at this point in the championship ”.

Instead he seems lost…

"The only thing I can do is continue to work hard, as in the past, there is no special thing that solves everything. We are fighting, working and struggling - he smiled - I know, it is difficult to explain what is happening ”.

And it is strange that one of the most analytical riders in MotoGP is saying these words…

"I am a logical and rational person, I normally study the problem, work and then I get something - explained Dovizioso - But what is happening to me this year is really something tough, because braking has always been my strong point. Then in MotoGP we are all close and very little is enough to start from behind, then you can also have a good pace but you can't do much. Tomorrow everyone will have problems with the tyres, you will have to be gentle in riding, but you can't afford to be when you start from the back of the grid. It’s tough".

It looks like it’s Andrea's worst season ever…

"Unfortunately in my career I have not fought for the championship every year, so to say it is my worst year is besides the point" was his only consolation.


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