Things not to do: get into the just poured concrete!

A video that has gone viral shows the stunt of a motorcyclist, who entered the lane of a closed tollbooth, in which the concrete of the road surface had just been poured.

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


I wonder if he'll do it again. We don't think so. The stunt, probably to evade the toll payment system, will cost him dearly. Beyond the misadventure and the effort to pull the bike out before the cement solidifies, his beautiful Kawasaki will need a good cleaning, probably even the replacement of some parts damaged by the cement, but also the damage to the work to remake the lane at the toll booth will be reimbursed.

The video shows us the biker struggling with the "emergency" work to extract his bike sunk in the fresh concrete, while in the comments you can see another video, with the results of the "excursion". The escape hypothesized by the author of the video was evidently not possible...



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