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Tucano Urbano: a mask with style, Rina is here

So you can enjoy the city in safety, as the rules of social distancing stipulate, but with a touch of extra fantasy

Moto - News: Tucano Urbano: a mask with style, Rina is here

Rina is here: a new summer mask by Tucano Urbano, in three colour variations (Zebra, City grey and TU graphic black). The Milan-based company offers this new model to everyone, whether they move on two wheels, either engine- or pedal-powered or, simply, on foot. RINA is a filter device for individual use with 95% air filtering in both directions; it can only be used to cover the nose and mouth for hygiene and environmental purposes and as a precaution for the community. There are three construction layers: the first internal layer is in viscose, which makes it fresh and very comfortable in contact with the skin; the intermediate layer is composed of the regenerating filter membrane; the third external layer is in stretch polyester for a better fitting. For a better fit it is also possible to adjust the mask on the face thanks to a special sliding device applied to the side cords, which are elastic and do not give any discomfort under the helmet.

Rina joins the other filtering devices of the TUCANO URBANO, SMOGGY, TOP SMOG and BASSET AIR range, models that - although created for anti-smog use - have given many the opportunity to protect themselves during the Covid-19 emergency, especially in the period when the masks were almost impossible to find.

"Even in this dramatic moment in history - explained Diego Sgorbati, CEO of the Milan-based company - we have been able to satisfy a need. TUCANO URBANO has always tried to foresee the needs of urban life. Our first anti-smog masks, ETA BETA and FACE_TU_FACE MASK, date back to more than 15 years ago. However, we never thought we could provide a service to the community as in this period ".

Compared to the many masks now available on the market, RINA is perfect for the summer and can be washed and sanitized with bleach (scrupulously following the instructions attached to the product). And just to avoid the risk of being left unprotected during washing, RINA has the advantage of being on sale - at a price of € 14.90 - in a twin-pack, so as to always have a spare.


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