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MotoGP, Ducati's secret revealed: Mountain Bike buttons for Dovi and Petrux

Ingenuity in simplicity. The two buttons that have appeared on the Ducati are actually a solution that is used to block the suspension of the bikes. Dall'Igna strikes back….

MotoGP: Ducati's secret revealed: Mountain Bike buttons for Dovi and Petrux


The best technology is always the simplest there is. Gigi Dall'Igna has once again intrigued everyone with two buttons that appeared yesterday on Dovizioso and Petrucci's Ducati, a solution that immediately gave the impression of a sort of holeshot 2.0 device, but which will actually not only be used by the riders at the start of the race. Looking carefully at the buttons, it was quite clear that this was not a solution that has been designed and conceived by a MotoGP racing department, but rather an already industrialized solution borrowed from some other discipline.

Today the mystery has been solved, because it is clear that the two buttons are identical to the system produced by Suntour, a company specialized in the production of mechanical accessories for mountain bikes, such as gearboxes, transmissions and levers of all kinds. On mountain bikes, the two buttons applied to the handlebar of the bike are used to lock and unlock the rear shock in bikes built for downhill racing, a discipline during which the cyclist often changes positions according to the conditions of the route.

Unlike the holeshot system, which is used only at the start, in this case the ability to change the height of the bike by locking and unlocking the rear mono in different positions is designed to be used constantly by the rider. We don't know if this is the real function of the device, but at the moment this seems the most plausible idea and the most sensible practical application. In Ducati everyone is keeping their mouths shut so as not to give any info away to their rivals.

In these images the system present on mountain bikes




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