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MotoGP, PHOTO: Here is the new Aprilia RS-GP ready in Sepang

The first images of the revolutionary motorcycle from the Noale manufacturer: 90° V4 engine, smaller and completely new  

MotoGP: PHOTO: Here is the new Aprilia RS-GP ready in Sepang


You can see it in these exclusive images taken on the Sepang pit lane: it is the revolutionized 2020-spec Aprilia RS-GP. At Noale they decided to start from a blank piece of paper to tackle the new MotoGP season.

The biggest change is hidden by the fairings: the V4 engine with an angle between the cylinders of 90°, but already from a first glance you can see how little the new bike resembles the old one.

It is much leaner in shape, each component has been redesigned and optimized. Also new are the aerodynamics, with two large wings fixed under the front fairing, which has a very tapered profile. The tail section has also undergone a slimming-down treatment and the rear exhaust is offset on the left side.

Even the chassis seems to have been streamlined and the fairings are very tight around the new mechanicals.

Tomorrow it will make its track debut in the hands of Aleix Espargarò and Bradley Smith and GPOne will be trackside to tell you all about this historic debut.

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