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MotoGP, Vinales: "The Race Direction must penalize Lorenzo"

"He could start off last, for example. You don't win races in the second lap. He ruined mine and Vale's race, and Dovizioso's race for the title."

MotoGP: Vinales: "The Race Direction must penalize Lorenzo"

If there is someone who is hit by bad luck this season, that's Maverick Vinales. The Spanish rider has, in fact, already collected three zeros in the season, and it was his fault, being swept away by other riders. Today, by Yamaha n.12 was rammed into by Jorge Lorenzo, for whom Maverick understandably has harsh words.

"When I arrived at the braking point, I realized that someone was arriving too fast and leaning," he explained. " And that's why I went long but, unfortunately, Jorge hit my rear wheel, and I couldn't do anything about it. You don't win a race on the first lap or even on the second, so I think the race direction has to do something. I was hit by Bagnaia, Morbidelli, and today Lorenzo, who didn't even come to the garage to apologize. It's true that I didn't ask for penalties against Pecco and Franco but, this time, I will because his breaking away was meaningless.

Vinales continues his outburst, and reiterates the he needs to be penalized.

"I started out well. I was comfortable in the seat, and I was second close to the first. We worked well over the weekend, especially for the race but, with actions like this, you can't battle it out, so I hope the race direction will do something. What? Have him start last, for example. He involved four riders. Oncu in Moto3 took out other riders and he'll certainly be penalized, so the same must be done with Jorge."

N. 12 can't get over it, and he doesn't mince words to describe the gravity of his compatriot's gesture.

"It's difficult to understand the reason for such an action, which has ruined not only my race but also that of Valentino and Andrea, and has jeopardized Dovizioso's race towards the world championship. He really did a doozy. In my opinion, he shouldn't have really taken on that turn in that way. If he had waited for the straight, he would have surely passed. Fortunately, nothing happened to me, since tomorrow is a very important day for us."

Some have tried to pinpoint the cause of Lorenzo's error on pressure, but Vinales doesn't want to hear about it.

"Pressure is no excuse. I don't understand that maneuver. I've never performed such maneuvers. I did something similar only once in Moto2. I was also often under pressure when I didn't see results, but I never did anything like that. He could have let up on the brakes and go straight. He had the space. Instead, he ruined the race for other riders.

Others have talked about the strange shape of Turn 10, which often leads to such errors.

"It's a difficult curve but, let's be honest, he was fourth and could pass me on the straight. Already in the warm up he passed me inside aggressively, and something like that happened even at Mugello. For me, that's a rookie's mistake. He's a five-time world champion, but sometimes you have to think when you're on the bike."

Maverick's regret is strong, and is reinforced by the belief that today could have really been a more than positive race for him. However, what he did that was good over the weekend still remains and will be kept for the next Grand Prix.

"Difficult to say now if I would have kept up with Marquez but, in my opinion, yes. In the warm up, I managed to keep a good pace, and as soon as I started, I felt good even with a full tank. We need to understand how to replicate what we have done here to be fast and to start up front in Assen, which is a favorable track for us. This weekend leaves me with a sweet but also bitter taste because I could have been on the podium."

Audio recorded by Matteo Aglio

Translated by Leila Myftija

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