MotoGP, Independent teams: Dorna 'gives' 2.2 million per rider

The seven teams signed an exclusive agreement until 2021. The 24th slot in MotoGP to go to Cecchinello's team


An exclusive agreement until 2021 and more money: it is the contract signed by the 7 MotoGP independent teams and Irta, with Dorna’s approval of course. Stated simply, the satellite teams (Gresini, LCR, Pramac, Tech3, Avintia, Aspar and Marc VDS) have a sure spot in the premier category for another 5 years and the bikes paid for.

“We doubled the contributions and we will cover the maximum foreseen cost of leasing for the bikes”, said Carmelo Ezpeleta.

From 2017 there will be a maximum limit for the cost of a bike (not including spare parts) set at €2 million 200 thousand and this is the contribution that the independent teams will receive for each bike on the grid. Therefore, in the worst-case scenario, the costs of the bikes will be covered.

Ezpeleta also remarked on how “the maximum number of participants in MotoGP is set at 24”. With the arrival of KTM next year, this number will reach 23. “The remaining slot will be assigned to Lucio Cecchinello”, who is already working on having two riders in 2018.

And if another Manufacturer should want to enter? “They would have to come to an agreement with one of the existing independent teams, like Aprilia did with Gresini”, the boss of Dorna explains.

With the question of private teams sorted, now the organiser’s next step is to reach an agreement with the manufacturers.

“We are talking. The idea is to give some more economic help to the Manufacturers who will give at least two bikes to the independent teams”, Ezpeleta confirms.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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