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The Sprint Race, an orgasmic race: but you have to savour the pleasure

If you are one of those who want everything immediately, you will certainly have enjoyed it. We, on the other hand, are among those who think that the expectation of pleasure, of classy moves, is better than an orgasmic pursuit of at-the-limit performance

The Sprint Race, an orgasmic race: but you have to savour the pleasure


Ride it as if you stole it: the Sprint Race summed up in one sentence for a race that allows for no tactics or finesse. But only brutal attack.

The incident that brought Enea Bastianini down was not strictly the fault of Luca Marini, but only the inevitable consequence of this type of event - we really do not feel like identifying them with the word Grand Prix, and not just because of the reduced mileage - in which reward goes to outright aggression. It is clear that this is not everything, and in fact, it was not Jorge Martin who won the first Sprint Race of MotoGP, but Bagnaia, who certainly has his Ducati more under control than his Spanish rival of the Pramac team.

The fact is that in the normal Grand Prix the quality of the riding as a whole emerges, therefore speed, consistency, management, intelligence, precision. The sprint, on the other hand, is everything and immediately and very little is needed to see your weekend ruined, as not only Bastianini - who also suffered a fractured right shoulder blade - learned at his expense, but also Quartararo.

Do we want to continue like this because it is cool not to give a damn about tradition by now? Forty-two races, with 21 funfair bumper cars… OK, let us do it, let us not care about the fact that tradition rhymes with experience, but we should not expect to see all twenty-two riders in perfect shape in the middle of the championship. Something that will influence (and how it will influence!) also the outcome of the world championship.

From today what used to be 500cc, which later became MotoGP, is a completely different sport. Like the Pentathlon when they cancelled horse riding to insert a war course. Almost as if in the marathon or in the 10,000m they inserted a 100m test, or a full 400m. Would that make sense? In our opinion, no because an equation would be created between different specialties.

Meanwhile, in this first Grand Prix of the year, compressed right from Friday into an orgasmic search for at-the-limit performance, almost immediately we have already lost two riders, Pol Espargarò and probably Enea Bastianini. If you are among those who want everything immediately, you will have enjoyed it. We, on the other hand, are among those who think that you have to savour the pleasure.

So now, we are waiting to arrive at tracks, such as Argentina, where they have not tested before for two days and which are usually not ready right from Friday, that is, dirty and with very little time for set-up. And pay attention to what Bezzecchi said at the end of the Sprint Race: "this first race was used to get your bearings, from now on I'll know how to behave". Two boxers in the ring have a boxing match. Three is already a fight.

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