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MotoGP, Kevin Schwantz and the Colosseum: the gladiator returns to Rome

The legendary Kevin will be in Misano this Saturday for the Suzuki Motor Fest, but he made a stop in the Eternal City visiting the Colosseum, among other things. Maybe he heard the call of the arena!

MotoGP: Kevin Schwantz and the Colosseum: the gladiator returns to Rome

Kevin Schwantz is part of the list of great American riders who have written pages and pages of history in the Golden Age of the 500. A list that includes such thrilling names as Lawson, Gardner, Spencer, Doohan and Rainey, just to name a few. True gladiators of speed, committed to holding their own on the track on motorcycles that didn't know the slightest thing about traction control, a lowerer, an aerodynamic appendage. Motorcycles that had a delivery so sharp it could cut through a concrete wall.

Schwantz this weekend will be in Misano for the Suzuki Motor Fest, the big event organized at the track to welcome all fans of the Hamamatsu brand and experience a day in the company of great champions including Kevin himself, Marco Lucchinelli and Franco Uncini. Before arriving in Misano, however, Kevin made a stop in Rome and we were struck by the picture he posted while posing in front of the Colosseum, the arena par excellence of gladiators. A perhaps too romantic juxtaposition, but it comes naturally to us to think of Schwantz and all the riders of his era as authentic gladiators of two wheels.

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