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MotoGP, Martin: “Something isn’t working, the Sprint test was a disaster”

“In Qatar, there were a lot of vibrations during the Sprint Race simulation. I tried to push, but the pace wasn’t there, and I was still very far from Bagnaia’s. We need to review the throttle because the vibrations damage the tires.”

MotoGP: Martin: “Something isn’t working, the Sprint test was a disaster”

He ended the pre-season tests in 7th place. However, as current MotoGP vice-champion, Jorge Martin  expected something better. Not so much when it comes to placing - during a phase where the classification doesn’t mean much - but when it comes to sensations, in general. In fact, if it seemed like everything was going perfectly well at first, he had a bad surprise in the Sprint Race simulation.

When I mounted the tire for it, the problems began, even though I had already experienced vibrations during the tests,” he explained during an interview with DAZN. “We don’t know why, and we don’t even have a solution.”

Then a fall added to the complications, fortunately, without consequences. “There’s something that isn’t working well. I can’t ride as I’d like to and, when I accelerate, it creates a lot of chattering. This is also why the mini-race test was a disaster. I tried to push, but the pace wasn’t there, and I was still very far from Bagnaia’s. I also slipped when entering turn fourteen.”

His comment on the current state of his Ducati was curt:  “We have to review when the throttle is opened, also because the vibrations cause damage to the tires.  To date, nothing works in this regard. I trust in progress in terms of the race,” the Pramac rider stated, discouraged by seeing Pecco and Bastianini on another level, and also newcomer Marc Marquez doing better than he did.

Going into detail, the 26-year-old , however, confirmed that what he suffered in the Qatar tests is not an unprecedented phenomenon for his bike: “It had already happened to me, but maybe in the last three laps of the race and with worn tires. On the contrary, on this occasion, I noticed it from the first corner. I later compared my data with those of others, and I noticed that the problem is only mine. I hope it’s due to the swingarm or the frame, rather than other parts that aren’t responding properly.

At least, in appearance, the rider from Madrid prefers to take it with a grain of salt, while he didn’t hide his disappointment. “In general, I’m calm. Besides this setback, I managed to keep a good pace with almost worn tires. Hopefully, it can be fixed, so that we can be more consistent in the GPs. Constancy at the beginning of the season could place me among the favorites for the title.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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