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MotoGP, Marquez's doubts: "I’ve made decisions that I might regret"

The move to Ducati does not make the Spanish rider feel comfortable but he can count on the support of a big F1 player like Alonso: "We will always be at his side". And the eight-time world champion reveals: "I learned a lot from Fernando, as well as from the difficult moments"

MotoGP: Marquez's doubts:

Can an F1 driver influence a motorcycle rider? Apparently yes. Even though the two disciplines might seem distant, there are many points in common and this means that any tip in one or the other direction can bear fruit. Marc Marquez knows this very well and, speaking in the DAZN Spain series "La Conjura De Las Dos Legenda", revealed the importance of Fernando Alonso in his journey in the world championship.

“One of the things he taught me is not to underestimate your opponents, but on the contrary to analyse their strengths, to arrive better prepared. He is one of those drivers who is always very harsh with his teammate or rivals, but with respect. On and off the track,” was his comment.

The praise of the Samurai continues with his election as an absolute benchmark for the nation. “Everyone in Spain is a supporter of him. I turn on the TV to watch him race, not for the GPs themselves. He managed to bring the sport to the top and arouse interest in people. In the series the car counts a lot, but I'm sure he will still be able to put on a show. I hope he never loses that magic and his ability to make unique overtaking moves."

The thought of the two-time world champion from Oviedo, often struggling with dark moments in his career due to cars not being of the same level, was a spur to the ace from Cervera when in 2020, following his well-documented crash in Jerez, he found himself experience a seemingly endless ordeal. “Until you experience them you don't know how you will go through those phases. After the first injury my only thought was to get back to competing and this gave me a lot of anxiety. When I had the second one, however, I understood that I had to rest and calmly think about what to do to recover and once I returned", he explained, then going into detail about the work done on himself, so as not to be as impatient as before.

“These experiences made me understand that we need to free ourselves from expectations. If you have achieved a lot in the past, people still expect this from you and instead you need to be realistic and draw a clear path of where you want to go. Similar circumstances help us mature as sportsmen and as men. 2023 was a year that led me to make decisions that I might regret in the future, but they were well thought out and not taken on the spot. Another aspect that I had to learn”, admitted the new Ducati rider.

For his part, the Asturian showed his full support for his compatriot's cause: "2024 won't be a walk in the park, but I think I speak on behalf of everyone if I say that we really want to see you fighting for the races and the World Championship again. I followed the tests minute by minute. I liked seeing Marc smiling again. They were complicated years, but the suffering was also ours and we will always be here for him."


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