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MotoGP, Jack Miller: "KTM has done a fantastic job, now it’s one of the most wanted bikes"

"We are certainly high on the list of competitive bikes. We are close to Ducati with only four bikes on the grid. A privilege for me to be in MotoGP and ride these bikes, it's been ten years, a wonderful journey"

MotoGP: Jack Miller:

With Qatar now upon us, it is also time for Jack Miller and KTM to show the new livery with which the Australian will tackle the 2024 MotoGP season. The encouraging test results in Sepang demonstrate the great work and resources spent by Austrian manufacturer to close the gap on its main rival, Borgo Panigale, and Jack Miller aims to demonstrate that this KTM is not only competitive but can put a halt to Ducati's dominance. After a difficult 2023 season in which the Australian still had to deal with the change of bike and team, now the aim is to return to the track as soon as possible to get rid of that "itch" given by the competitiveness that a veteran rider like Jack now knows well .

"I am very satisfied with the work done in KTM, both last year and in this one that has just begun - explains the Australian - 2023 was an intense year in which I learned a lot about the bike and in the second half of the season we improved so much that we could fight at the top. It was a year of growth for me as a rider, in general on the fun scale I would define it as a 10 out of 10. The tests were positive and now like everyone else I'm waiting to get rid of that "itch" that you get when you can't wait to get back on track. Now the next appointment will be the two days of testing in Qatar, I'm not a big fan of testing before a race, especially if on the same circuit, but I'm still eager to put myself to the test."

To prepare for the new season, the Australian also underwent a new personalized training regime over the winter.

"Basically, after the end of last season I tried to understand what I needed to improve, I went directly to Austria to work closely with Red Bull, we did some tests and now I've been following this new training program for two months. Change is inevitable, and especially for an athlete, having this type of support is fundamental. I don't expect miracles right away, of course, but I've never been in such good shape in February!", he joked.

After a year in KTM, do you feel ready now to take this bike to the podium? With your experience is it still possible to have fun with all this aerodynamics?

“Well, I was ready to win in Valencia, but sadly we all know how that ended. I've only been thinking about that for the last two and a half months! Riding a MotoGP bike is difficult, but we are the best riders in the world - he continues - no matter how much aerodynamics or components add to that, being one of the 22 extremely talented riders on the grid, and being on one of these bikes, is a privilege. In my case it's been ten years, it's a wonderful journey I'm on. Every time I get my ass on that saddle, I get out of the pitlane and tackle the curves of any circuit... there are many incredible things that can be done in the world, but none come close to the sensations that what we do on these bikes give you. Going for a ride on these monsters is priceless, no matter what shape they have, whether they are more or less beautiful."

Last year the Mattighofen company finished second in the constructors' championship, and according to the Sepang tests it seems that it has made further progress.

“I think they've done a fantastic job in the last couple of years, especially last year. We only have to look back 24 months ago to where the position of the bike was and so on. And to have it as one of the most wanted bikes on the grid… I think if you had your fairy godmother and a wish, if you weren't able to get the red bike, I'm pretty sure it would be the second on the list. And soon it’ll be the first. They've done a fantastic job in such a short amount of time in terms of their MotoGP history. If you look at the red bikes, between 2007 and 2022, those two championships, it's a long time. And if you look at the history of KTM, their first full season was 2017, so where they are in such a short amount of time is amazing. We were able to bring home second in the constructors’ title against a brand that's got eight bikes on the grid, and we only have four. So, we did fantastic there and I think this year we do even better. Myself personally for sure!" joked the Australian again.

At the Sepang tests you achieved some excellent results, how has the bike improved compared to last season?

"We didn't revolutionize the package, I think what KTM needed most, both the engineers, the technicians and the riders, was a break to reorganize their ideas. It was important to get away from the frenetic pace of the races to change some perspectives and let fresh ideas flow back into the team. Then naturally the technicians and engineers from home analysed mountains of data but what changed first and foremost I think was the overall vision, we have a good base and we focused on refining all those details which then make the difference" .


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