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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: “My most exciting victory, I dedicate it to Filippo Momesso”

After his success in India, Marco wanted to remember his friend who died. “I just felt good on my Ducati today. The Championship? An honor to battle with Bagnaia and Martin.”

MotoGP: Bezzecchi: “My most exciting victory, I dedicate it to Filippo Momesso”


There are days when perfection becomes the norm, and Bezzecchi’s Sunday in India is one of those. Uncatchable is the only adjective that suits him, because Marco simply did another type of sport on the Buddh Cirucit. If his race was ruined yesterday at the start by Marini’s fall, the VR46 rider put all his cards on the table today, and his opponents could do nothing but surrender.

Bez was looking for this success, also for personal reasons: “I’m very happy. It’s my most exciting victory up to now,” he said. “It hasn’t been an easy day for me. I want to dedicate this victory to Filippo and his family.” The thought goes to Filippo Momesso, the 24-year-old rider who died a few days ago. He and Marco knew each other since their mini-moto days, and his death touched him deeply.

He wished he could've remembered Filippo with a win in the Sprint Race, but he was able to do it today. With an incredible race, he dominated from start to finish, in a MotoGP where making a difference is really difficult. Bezzecchi won with an almost 9-second advantage.

I don’t know how I did it,” he smiled. “It wasn’t easy. I was just fine on the bike, and I tried to get in front so as not to get caught up in the tire pressure, since that always happens to me. I knew Jorge and Pecco would overtake me at the start. I stayed calm and close to them to get in front. When you’re in charge, the bike behaves like it should. I did my pace, but trying to manage the tires well. Today I’m really happy.

While the others were exhausted, Marco even climbed onto the scaffolding to celebrate with the spectators.

When you’re good with the bike,  it's a bit more effortless,” he explained. “We were all surprised by the heat. It was the first time here, and we didn’t know what to expect. Getting up front, and without the hot air of the other bikes, I was able to handle myself well.”

Bez managed to best interpret the Buddh International Circuit.

It’s a circuit I liked right away, because it has fast parts and braking is demanding. The third sector, with the parabolic, is fantastic,” he elaborated. “I also had no problems with my hand, like what happened in Misano. In the past few races, I was always missing something when breaking away, where Pecco usually makes the difference, and I made it a point to brake hard. I worked  at lot on that point, and I’ve improved.

With Bagnaia’s fall, Marco is now 44 points from the top of the standings.

I’m still not thinking about the championship, but it’s always better to be closer,” he said jokingly.  “For me to be able to fight with Pecco and Martin is an honor. But, today, I just enjoyed the day.

The question is whether, in the fight against the official bikes, he’ll be lacking something from a technical aspect.

The start is where I struggle. They have a different system. I don't know about the rest. I can't complain about my bike. If anything, I'll ask for something extra at the start," he said lauging.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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