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Baldassarri: “I felt ridiculous in the Moto2. I went back to school, and now I’m racing in the SBK.”

INTERVIEW: “In 2021, I thought it was time to leave, so I started studying again. If I hadn’t continued, I would’ve chosen aeronautical engineering. Now I’m in the SBK. I’ll face this challenge light-heartedly, even if I have to finish 3 seconds from Toprak in the first test.”

SBK: Baldassarri: “I felt ridiculous in the Moto2. I went back to school, and now I’m racing in the SBK.”

Life is strange sometimes, and Lorenzo Baldassarri knows this very well. A year ago, the rider from the Marche region began his adventure in the SSP with Evan Bros, and doubts and questions, but now he’s ready to make his Superbike debut with Guyot’s GMT94 team.

A new adventure for both, during which Lorenzo and the French team aim to take small steps, so as not  o end up playing the part of simple spectators in the SBK queen class and maybe even progress in it.

We talked about this and much more with Lorenzo in this interview.
The winter break is now over, and we have to start training again,” he began. “Like everyone knows, the Superbike awaits me in 2023, and I can’t wait to leave for Jerez, where I’ll carry out the first tests of the season. It’ll be a completely new adventure. It’ll take time to find the right competitiveness, but I’m confident.

What are your expectations?
My expectations are to start one step at a time. I don’t care if I finish three seconds behind Toprak at the end of the first day in Jerez. The goal is, in fact, to take small steps, because both I and the team are convinced that we can make it. Obviously, the level is very high, but together we can chart a forward path.

What did you think of Guyot and the GMT94?
They’re very experienced people with a passion for two wheels, and their results over time confirm this. When I spoke with Cristophe, I found a person who was helpful, extremely competent, able to listen to me, and with a lot of passion for motorcycles. It was a real pleasure for me to face this new challenge and accept his offer.

You could have stayed in the SSP another year.
True! But the SBK doesn’t waiting for anyone, and so here I am. If I had stayed another year in the  SSP, there was a risk of running aground, so I took the leap. I thank the entire Evan Bros team, since they were extraordinary and, together, we gave it our all. We tried to win the world championship, but Aegerter was faster than we were.”

It’ll be the highest level SBK in recent years. Are you scared?
Let’s say that, besides the top, there are also rookies like Petrucci and Gardner who can be considered veterans. The bar has risen a lot, but I’m calm and confident in myself and my qualities, because we can do well. We just have to avoid having the frenzy to get to the result right away.

How far away is the beginning of 2022?
Very. I came from a complicated period like 2021 where, in the second part of the season, I felt ridiculous in the Moto2. The more I tried to push, the worse I did. It was a really sad and bad moment, where I also thought about quitting. In fact, that’s why I decided to go back to school, completing my studies in high school and getting my diploma. I wanted to have a degree in case I decided to go to university.

In the end, you won!
Yeah, I won, and I think it showed. I have to thank my family and all my friends, who have given me strength and helped me face the difficulties, as I became aware of myself. Like I said before, I felt bad I didn’t win the SSP, but we fought for the title until the end, also winning races, and now I’m in SBK.”

If you had ended up deciding to hang your helmet up, what would you be doing today?
Maybe I would have enrolled in aeronautical engineering, since I love physics and science. However, in the end, I’m here in the SBK, but I can always still enroll in university,” he said smiling.

Last question. Have you studied Toprak yet?
Yes, for some time now. He has a style all his own and is able to make a difference with that bike. I think there’s very little to say about the talent he has.”  


Translated by Leila Myftija

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