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SBK, Corsi: "I was screwed, I'll start over from CIV and follow Biaggi’s example"

"Shortly before Christmas the news arrived that the team had been denied entry to the Supersport World Championship. Age is creeping up on me, but I've ridden with Max and at 50 he's faster than many of us today"

SBK: Corsi: "I was screwed, I'll start over from CIV and follow Biaggi’s example"


Not everyone found a nice present under the tree. Just before Christmas, Simone Corsi received the news that he would never have wanted to hear: his team, AltoGo, was refused entry to the Supersport World Championship. The Roman rider, after more than 20 years in the world championship (13 of which in Moto2) had decided to get back into the game in the production-derived series. With this new team he had raced in the Winter Trophy on the Yamaha R6 and was ready to line up in Supersport.

"I thought everything was fine, I was disappointed - Simone tells us - I don’t know what happened, not even the team, maybe they'll say something more in the next few days, but in the meantime, they’ve refused us entry".

What were the plans?

“Racing the Supersport World Championship and doing some CIV races to keep me in training. Now they have changed: I will race the entire CIV, and I hope to be able to make at least a few wild cards in the World Championship, I know that the team has already requested it. Unfortunately, we were screwed. It's a shame, the first time I rode the R6 I immediately liked it, it's a nice bike".

You didn’t’ take the news lying down…

“I'm honest, I was disappointed because age is creeping up on me and these are the last pieces of junk left in my trunk. I was already focused on the championship, then the news came before Christmas and at that point there was no alternative. CIV will start in April, I will be able to take it more calmly".

You’re not giving up...

“I have the desire to do well, I want to start from that. Last year I raced in SBK in CIV, and I found a very developed championship with an important level, also because the last time I raced there was more than twenty years ago. After so many years in the World Championship, I don't know if it's a step backwards, but I'll do my best. It's a shame, because in the Supersport World Championship there are many riders with whom I had raced in Moto2, I would have liked to gauge my level, but that's the way it went".

A rider of your experience could be useful for many…

“I keep myself in shape and if a call comes, I'll be ready. As I said, I would have liked to put myself to the test in Supersport. The last few years in Moto2 have not been easy, especially 2022: the results didn’t come and for this reason I decided to leave the world championship".

You can always try again next year to race in Supersport.

“We'll see, I'll be 37... but last year I rode with Biaggi at Aragon, for the first time in my life. We were in Moto2, and he was on the Aprilia 1000 and, at 50, he was faster than us. Max is unique, there is always something to learn from him. Let's say that racing up to the age of 50 will be difficult... but up to 40 I can do it (laughs)”.

Will you have more time for running?

“On 31 December I went to Rome with a group of friends, Fabio Di Giannantonio was also there: we bet that whoever arrived last would pay for everyone's pizza. Our dietician lost (laughs). In March there will be the Rome marathon, I've never done it, this time I might take part since CIV starts late".


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