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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "Marquez is getting old, but he can race for another 5 years"

VIDEO - "Will Quartararo leave Yamaha? I don't see any better options for him. Bagnaia's problem right now is the GP22."

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Jorge Lorenzo started his new adventure in the Porsche Carrera Cup, trying his hand at four wheels.  "The main thing is to have fun. I only do it for pleasure and still experience the adrenaline of racing. The risk is there, but it’s much lower than motorcycles. In a car,  you’re much more protected and even the pressure is different, despite it being a professional environment," the rider from Mallorca said in an interview with Motorsport (see above).

Jorge still follows the MotoGP very closely, also because he’s been a commentator for DAZN Spain for a while. He began with Marquez, who returned to the track in Austin after suffering from diplopia again.

"We all know Marc. He has an impressive mentality. Even if he’s fallen a thousand times, he keeps taking risks, and looking for the limit,” he explained. “He’s a special rider, unique in that respect. Injuring yourself so many times is not good for either your body or mind. It slowly enters your head, and even age doesn’t help. It’s not the same to fall at twenty years or thirty. Marquez is technically a phenomenon. He has great ambition, but time passes for everyone. That said, I think he has five more years of career."

Lorenzo wrote history in Yamaha but, at the beginning of 2022, the M1 struggled.

"In my opinion, Yamaha has progressed less than others,” he said. “Even if Fabio is riding incredibly and taking advantage of the bike to its fullest, it’s not enough for him to get on the podium. It's psychologically tough, but I don't see any better options for him. The Honda is a very difficult bike. He rides clean, and there’s no room in Ducati."

Speaking of Ducati, Bagnaia is struggling to get back to last year's levels.

"Pecco’s problem  is the bike,”  Lorenzo said. “For some reason, the GP22  isn’t that simple. It’s difficult to gain confidence with the front. Everyone is suffering, while Bastianini has won two races with the 2021."

About Enea, is he going to take the last free spot on the official team and or is it going to be Martin?

"It's hard to choose. I think Martin has already signed, maybe I'm wrong. If not, I think it’s going to be difficult for him, because Bastianini is riding well. I hope for Martin that he signs,” Jorge concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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