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MotoGP, Bagnaia realizes he has no other options against Quartararo but to win

"I will race as if he were starting alongside me and I will try to go away. We will be able to do it if Miller and Marini give me a hand"

MotoGP: Bagnaia realizes he has no other options against Quartararo but to win


The day could not have started worse and ended better for Bagnaia. When, at the end of FP3, his name was next to the 11th quickest time, that is the first to be excluded from Q2, things were looking bad. In the afternoon, with the track slowly drying, the best Pecco emerged. To find a better Ducati rider than the one who took his fourth consecutive pole position today, you have to go back to 2008, when Stoner notched up 7 in a row.

Pecco, how would you describe this day?

“I just feel happy. This morning, in the wet, I felt good but when I put on the new tyres I started to struggle, I had no traction. In the end, though, doing Q1 helped me. I was on the track for the whole session and my confidence increased lap after lap. I didn't think my time in Q2 was good enough for the pole, but it was and there was no better way to finish the day. "

Also in the first Misano GP you were on pole, then you won ...

“I'd like it to end the same way (laughs). I think the work we did that weekend, and especially in the tests with lower temperatures, will help me. My goal is to get away and then manage the advantage, but it won't be easy ”.

Quartararo will start far behind this time.

“I mustn’t think about his position, but just to push hard, as if he were starting alongside me. My only chance to keep the championship open is to win. "

Who will have more pressure: you or him?

“I can't speak for Fabio, I only know that I have to aim for victory, but I know that Quartararo will come back. I want to focus on myself, stay ahead, then we'll see the conditions we find ”.

Without Quartararo who will be your main rival?

"The last time here at Misano Miller was very competitive, even Marini seems to be, but I don't know if he will be able to do it for the whole race. I would like to fight with the other Ducatis, if we do a good job together then maybe we can get away ”.

How come you are so strong on this track?

“I’ve trained a lot here, with the Panigale V4 which feels similar to the MotoGP bike, this helped me. But I was also strong in Moto2, sometimes it happens that there are tracks that adapt well to your riding style and this is the case. I am also able to be close to the Yamahas in the first sector of the track, which is the most complicated for Ducati ”.

Didn't you have any worries with the wet asphalt?

“In those conditions, sometimes you feel comfortable and sometimes you don't. Today there were 2 or 3 wet corners and the asphalt still had good grip, it wasn't a problem. "


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