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Dovizioso: "This MotoGP seems like F1: the start is too decisive"

"Relations with Ducati? Nothing new. I would have liked to have had a more competitive year but we weren’t. We have a little less fun."

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "This MotoGP seems like F1: the start is too decisive"


He always looks sad, this season has now become an ordeal. Andrea Dovizioso and Ducati, the end of the season is tough and complex.

“I would have liked to have been more competitive this year, we weren't, we have a little less fun. The situation hasn't changed too much. It's bad not to be competitive, everything gets complicated, it's not that much fun, it has been a particular year, with no fans or friends around, and if you're not competitive, it's all a bit meh." The Ducati rider has gone from being the man who would be king to the man with the biggest regrets.

But now there is a Valencia GP to face, and Dovizioso knows it.

“The early laps make a lot of difference. Mir and Rins can recover tomorrow. Apart from them, no one else can from behind. It depends on the start and the first laps. Many of us have a similar pace and consequently the position you have at the end of the third lap is 70% of the race. For Rins and Mir a bit less".

Mir has a lot at stake, and Dovizioso is aware of this. "If he is calm, he will have a chance to recover," says the Ducati rider. And then there is Morbidelli. Who, says Dovi, “will have the chance to win if he can ride in front on his own. But Miller is ready, Taka fast. So it will depend a lot on the start. When there are sixteen riders who have a similar pace everyone knows that any situation can be created and everyone will be aggressive ”.


In short, the start is fundamental. A sort of Formula 1, where a good start is crucial.

“On this side, yes, because the level of the bikes and riders is high and therefore we are all closer. Having a close grid to the level of speed yes, it makes a difference in which position you are in the first few laps. And if Mir and Rins, who have been fast all year, say it, it makes you understand how important it is. From this side, it's worse here ”.

But Dovizioso will do his race, as always. The times are not encouraging, there are still things to see, to revise, to understand.

"In Q1 the first exit was a bit of a charge, you had to be in the right position. I tried to start as far forward as possible, it was starting to rain. I had Rins in front, I said come on, I'm trying to make a good time. There are those who went fast and those who were even further behind ".

“As for my expectations, I just don’t know. There are a lot of us, starting in the middle gives you the possibility to manage and do certain things. When you start behind, no: the tyre drops. This is today’s MotoGP: anyone who recuperated this year it’s because he was much faster. With this tyre it is more difficult even if you are a constant tenth, you also struggle to overtake ”.



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