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MotoGP, GP Jerez 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

El Diablo Quartararo reigns again in the inferno of Jerez, Rossi savours a breath of paradise, Vinales continues his purgatory

MotoGP: GP Jerez 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


To cope with the heat of Jerez, there is nothing better than a shower of frozen Prosecco. Quartararo certified its beneficial effects and Valentino wanted to try on his skin if the Frenchman was right. Moreover, his brother Marini had also advised him, with Bastianini and Bezzecchi confirming the thesis. The only contraindication, as Vietti showed, was to pay attention to the bottle…

Bagnaia and Morbidelli were also ready to taste the bubbly, but their bikes were not convinced and they preferred to keep them away from alcohol. Which instead Vinales will need to try and forget about the man he will have in his box next year…

Probably a consolation drink was also served in the factory Ducati team. Dovizioso and Petrucci have little to salvage from this weekend. Just the plane ticket to leave Spain, said Danilo in all sincerity...

THE GOOD - Three tricolour flags flying, three smiling faces, three hopes for the future of Italmoto (an awful name to hear but great to see). Enea Bastianini, Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi monopolized the Moto2 podium, it was the first time ever for the Azzurri. Having done it in the home of the Spanish Armada is worth double. The crash after the finish can be forgiven.

THE UGLY - Smoking damages your health; it’s not the doctors who say it but the engineers - the passive smoke of a Ducati hurt above all Bagnaia. Even silence can be deafening and Morbidelli still has the sound of his Yamaha engine ringing in his ears. Pecco and Franco have in common (among other things) a title in Moto2 and an unforgettable Black Sunday, because both showed that they are not in MotoGP by chance. Two protagonists, albeit unfortunate.

THE BAD – Forget about studies on the genome or the witchcraft of lost civilizations, a podium is all you need to reduce aging. The results have not been published in a scientific journal but sent worldwide from Jerez. Valentino Rossi took on the role of guinea pig and ambassador, but without sending a pinch of malice to Yamaha's address. A sort of revenge for the Doctor against the Japanese engineers, who had to bow their heads, and not as a sign of greeting. Providing a spectacle on the track and in front of the microphones, was the main dish of the Rossi house.

THE DISAPPOINTMENT – Beggars can’t be choosers, seemed to be the motto of Maverick Vinales. You have to be happy with two second places, but when your future teammate, with the same bike, says goodbye to you once again after a few laps and you only see him again on the podium, there is little to be happy about. And this time there was not even the excuse of the wrong tyre.

THE CONFIRMATION - You have to know how to win and Fabio Quartararo certainly knows it. Everyone on Sunday was watching out for him, but he ignored them and danced around for 25 laps with his Yamaha. At a ‘rock n’ roll’ rhythm, without ever putting a foot wrong, without ever showing a sign of uncertainty. Stirring stuff from Marquez, we would have said… but now we say, stirring stuff from Quartararo.

THE ERROR - Five crashes in two races, including a brace on Saturday in qualifying. If Aleix Espargarò's goal was to test the resistance of the fairings of the new Aprilia, he did the job perfectly. If instead it was to notch up the mileage with the new bike and bring home important points, it was a failure across the board. Enthusiasm is fine, but sometimes you also need to use your head.

THE SURPRISE – With everyone distracted by Marc Marquez and a (failed) attempt of a rapid comeback, Alex Rins and Cal Crutchlow remained in the background. Yet the two showed up at the start as if they had just stepped out of the ring after a few rounds with Mike Tyson. The Suzuki rider in the race managed to get ahead of a couple of his rivals, the Honda rider even stopped in the pits thinking of pulling out, but then decided to return and get to the finish. The final positions do not count, what counts is the applause for both of them.

THE PASS - Celestino Vietti did some great overtaking to get on the podium, but he surprised even more for the speed with which he went to the infirmary after the celebrations. It was his first time as an adult, the bottle of Prosecco finally arrived but it did not withstand his zeal. He picked up sixteen points for 3rd place, and 6 stitches for his hand, making a grand total of 22…

THE CURIOSITY - Why did the Yamahas start the race with used tyres (or rather, tyres run in for a couple of laps)? Solving the mystery, Piero Taramasso, Michelin manager, explained that with this 'trick' (used in F1) you can lower the temperature of the tyre by about ten degrees. They also recommended it to all riders.

I TOLD YOU SO - Takaaki Nakagami: "I looked at Marc Marquez's data to improve". Alex Marquez: “I looked at Nakagami’s data to improve ". That's transitive property for you ...

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