MotoGP, Rins: the doctors will decide tomorrow morning if he can race at Jerez

For Alex, a trochanteric fracture and a probable partial torn muscle but no damage to the tendons of the rotator cuff of the right shoulder


Alex Rins still doesn't know if he can race tomorrow. The Suzuki rider, after the first circuit tests at the Mobile Clinic which revealed a dislocation and a fracture in his right shoulder, was transferred to Jerez hospital, where he underwent several other checks, including an MRI scan, which revealed a "non-displaced fracture of the trochanter (the spherical joint in the upper part of the humerus) and a probable partial laceration of the minor muscle of the adjacent teres. There is also a significant muscle swelling visible at the meeting point between the muscle and the tendons, although the integrity of the rotator cuff tendons has not been compromised. "

Rins, who qualified in 9th place, described the event as follows: I was entering the last part of the lap and suddenly I lost the front at Turn 11. I tried to recover the bike, but I couldn’t, so I entered the gravel trap at high speed, and I decided to drop the bike to avoid arriving at the barriers. Unfortunately, I suffered an injury and I felt a lot of pain. I was transferred to the Clinica Mobile and then to the hospital where they confirmed there is a damage, but we still don’t know is this will allow me to race tomorrow. Now I just want to have a good rest and try to recover as much as possible, then tomorrow morning the doctors will make the final evaluation.”



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