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MotoGP, Rins: "My future? I'm thinking about it and would like to stay in Yamaha."

"I told my manager to take care of it himself so I wouldn't have any distractions, but I'd like to stay where I am because the team is working hard. The Mugello test? It didn't go well. Blame the rain."

MotoGP: Rins:

Despite the concessions Yamaha continues to struggle, consequently the approach of the two riders on the eve of each GP is always low profile. For Alex Rins, there is not even a goal to set, but everything is a question mark.

"I feel good, anxious to start this weekend on a track like Jerez that is so iconic and special also because of its layout. As for us, we will have to adapt as a riding style and as a bike," he said.

The private test carried out by the team at Mugello was disrupted by bad weather, but is there anything that was tried that will be seen in Spain as well?

"Actually in Tuscany we couldn't do much because of the weather, but at Montmelo Crutchlow was able to try several new parts. Personally I had made a request to try some of them during this weekend, but in the end to avoid confusion it was preferred to postpone it to Monday's session, where we will have more new things to analyze. So it will be very interesting."

Unlike many of his colleagues who niche when the press brings up the subject of the future, the Spaniard admitted to thinking about it. "It certainly comes to mind sometimes and that is undeniable, but at the moment I have to focus on the M1. I have to work hard and find a good starting point. I have already talked about it with my manager, who is here by the way, and I told him to confront him directly for negotiations and to leave me calm for the race. Certainly I would like to continue with this team because they are doing well and rolling up their sleeves with a view to 2025 to improve the motorcycle."


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