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Kiara Fontanesi's last success: she will become a mother

She has announced the renunciation of the world championship for the most beautiful of the unexpected: the maternity

News: Kiara Fontanesi's last success: she will become a mother

By now the news travels faster than the wind on the social, for this reason the multiple world female cross champion Kiara Fontanesi has decided to reveal why, beyond the physical problems that have slowed her down, she will not compete in the world this year.

This year I might not win the world championship but I’m realizing my biggest dream: BE A MUM !
It’s been hard to take a decision trying to understand when would had been the right time considering my career but I’ve felt this year would had been the best for me ( considering my physical problem that forced me to rest ) and I’ve never been so happy in my life before! My priority is to give the best to the baby during this months but as soon as she’s born I’ll be moving my ass of because I can’t wait to ride again.
Step by step I’ll be back fit and ready to line up behind the gate next season and as always fighting for the title.. this time not only for myself but for my own family first. I love you Devin and thank you for making my dream come true !
Ps. I would had want to wait longer to announce this but as I’m living a kind of life where it’s really difficult to keep things secret I had to let you all know before somebody else do!

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