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MotoAmerica, Rainey considers Stoner to relaunch the US championship

The American series needs a boost and Wayne wants Casey as a 'guest star' to attract the public and greater interest

MotoAmerica: Rainey considers Stoner to relaunch the US championship


Wayne Rainey already knows what he wants to find under the tree this year: “Dear Santa Claus, I would like Casey Stoner to come and race in the MotoAmerica championship”.

This may be a dream but it's one that the former 500 champion, who has headed up the American series for a few years already, hopes to turn into a reality. The MotoAmerica championship is in good health, with important sponsors and (some) high level teams, but it is unable to win favour with the spectators and neither does it have the interest of many manufacturers. Considering it fails to attract attention on a national level, it remains little more than a curiosity for those overseas.

In these cases, a big name can do miracles, and this led to the recent contact with Marco Melandri. The Italian has since found a ride in the world championship though, leaving Wayne high and dry.

Rainey is therefore considering the impossible, or rather to convince Casey to make a return to racing. The MotoAmerica does not involve all those extra commitments, in terms of sponsors and press, that would bring the Australian out in hives at the mere thought. The season also comprises just ten events, so it's not a particularly busy calendar.

For this reason, the championship boss has decided to contact Stoner to see if he'd have any interest in spending time in the US. Right now, Casey has no contract (having finished up with Ducati after three years as a test rider) and so there would be no obstacles in his way.

The fact that his last race dates back to the 2015 Suzuka 8 Hours (which ended badly, the rider fracturing his shoulder blade and tibia) would not be a problem limit the Kangaroo, his speed never in doubt.

Rainey is on the verge of asking Stoner to consider his proposal, if he hasn't already done so. It may be that Casey answers with a simple "no thank-you", but what better time to wish for a miracle than at Christmas?

Translated by Heather Watson

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