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MotoGP, BREAKING: Dani Pedrosa leaves Honda HRC

OFFICIAL - The Spaniard says farewell after eighteen years: "I needed new challenges, it's time for a change"

MotoGP: BREAKING: Dani Pedrosa leaves Honda HRC

Rumours had been circulating for days and now we have confirmation. Dani Pedrosa will no longer be a Honda rider next season. HRC confirmed the separation in an official press release this morning: "Today is a sad day for me - said president Yoshishige Nomura - On behalf of HRC, I want to thank Dani for all his hard and successful work, and to express our gratitude for these two decades together. We also wish him the very best of luck and success. Thanks, Dani."

Pedrosa says farewell after eighteen years with Honda, during which he has raced across all three categories and scored 31 wins, finishing second in the world championship on three occasions: "I want to thank HRC for all these years of great success. I have grown not only as a rider but also as a person with them. I will always have HRC in my memories and in my heart. In life we all need new challenges and I feel it’s time for a change. Thanks, HRC."

Translated by Heather Watson

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