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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "Marquez will have a hard time getting out of the paddock"

Andrea on the Spaniard's conduct: "Today Marc did everything he shouldn't have done, he behaved himself particularly badly"

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "Marquez will have a hard time getting out of the paddock"


The way things were, Andrea Dovizioso’s sixth place at Termas de Rio Hondo is golden. An entirely uphill weekend for the Italian, who managed to limit the damage in the race. The contact between Marquez and Rossi certainly worked in the Ducati rider’s favour. It is precisely from here that he begins his analysis.

“Today Marc behaved particularly badly – Andrea commented – When you show in practice that you are more than a second faster in any situation, it should be easy to take home the best result.”

Dovi then discussed the incident.

He made a lot of mistakes of all sorts. He did everything that he should not have done – he pointed out – I think that he will have a hard time getting out of the paddock, since the Argentinians are quite hot-blooded.”

Something broke down inside Marc’s armour today.

“I agree – Andrea said – Everyone has his own characteristics. There are riders who are stronger in certain areas, but it is also true that everyone has weak points. Obviously, we need to look at our own – he admitted – because it’s our job to bring home important results to contend for the Championship title. This goes to show that a day like today is not okay, but in the end, what counts is drawing the sums and seeing that we are second in the Championship Standings.”

Andrea shows that he is sincere, without making excuses.

“We knew that in the dry we were coming from two complicated sessions, so we couldn’t BS too much – the Italian commented – It is logical to stay positive, but realistically, we were slow on Friday. Then, starting the race with wet patches on the track is even worse. Today we were very lucky since three riders in the battle for the Championship Title took home zero points.”

Then there was another aspect that the Borgo Panigale standard-bearer mentioned.

“We cannot be enthusiastic about our speed here in Argentina – he admitted – This is confirmation that on the more flowing tracks we struggle. In any case, this sixth place is gold for me. From a negative situation, we need to take the good and think positively since we have our own cards to play. So, we need to improve in certain areas where we are not sorted.”

His attention then shifted to the States.

Austin is not the best suited track for us. If anything, it suits the Honda well – he pointed out – Argentina and America are those tracks where you have to take home as much as possible. Since we saw a lot of bikes in the mix like Suzuki, we cannot afford not to.”

This weekend, the GP18 struggled more than a little at Rio Hondo compared to the GP17. Dovizioso has an idea about all of this, which goes beyond the bike.

The riders who came before me were all talented on a flowing track, so it depends on riding style – he analysed – In fact, Miller did very well on Phillip Island. The bike has a big impact and today is confirmation of this, given the wide gap – he pointed out – but I think that there are other aspects, namely the steps forward taken on the GP17, which I consider to be small, because it is not an old bike. Precisely for this reason, I am convinced that it is not a condition of the bike, but a mixture of factors that made us go slowly. Obviously my compliments to Miller. His riding style made the difference.”


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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