MotoGP, Jorge Viegas (FIM): "Going to be difficult to hold the race at Austin, we will evaluate Portimao"

“At the moment we need flexibility and imagination, we want to race more than 13 GPs and we could also do two races on the same weekend. In Portugal there are no restrictions"


The FIM has finally expressed a loud and clear voice about the coronavirus emergency and it did so through the words of President Jorge Viegas, who spoke on Radio Catalunya to explain how determined the federation is to continue the MotoGP championship despite all the problems that are making its path increasingly difficult.“The chances of the US Grand Prix at Austin being held on April 5 are slim - said the president - but we are working to find an alternative solution to that track. But things are changing so quickly that at the moment I cannot say any more."

Carmelo Ezpeleta had already clarified Dorna's determination to hold as many races as possible, and Viegas also stressed that even if the minimum to make the championship valid is 13 races, they will try to hold even more.

“At this moment I am confident that the championship can count on more than 13 races. If we have to run in January, we will. We will also consider running two Grands Prix on the same weekend, as well as the possibility of racing behind closed doors, if there are no alternative solutions. As things currently stand, all the possibilities are still open. We must be flexible and have imagination".

One of the events that could enter the calendar is Portimao, currently the reserve track for MotoGP. Viegas is Portuguese, and he stressed that currently in Portugal there are not the same restrictions in force as in other European countries.

“Portimao is one of the reserve tracks on the calendar, just like Estoril. And in Portugal there are no restrictions at the moment”.

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