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MotoGP, VIDEO - Marquez: "I'm going to have a different brake lever, like the one I used in Honda"

Marc didn't attend the briefing with reporters, but he spoke to TV broadcasters, "The team is working a lot with Ducati, but I also know I have to work on myself."

MotoGP: VIDEO - Marquez:

Marc Marquez is undoubtedly the boss in Jerez. The most representative Spanish rider in the Spanish Grand Prix. But the reporters in the paddock today weren't able to speak with him, since he only granted interviews with TV broadcasters. So, the following are the (few) words he spoke to our colleagues at Sky Sport MotoGP on the eve of the race weekend in Andalusia.

"We're at the Spanish Grand Prix, and I obviously have many commitments," Marc commented. "I'm happy like this. We're coming from a race that didn't go as I expected, but we were at least up front fighting with a good approach. Let's see what happens this weekend. I think we'll all be very close. My first goal will be to get straight into the Q2."

This year you run in the Gresini team, obviously in the future you aim for an official bike.

“The future? It is not clear, obviously I would like an official bike. This year was a super special year because I come from difficult years. I have no contacts with anyone, I just have to be fast. The contacts will start from here, and then Le Mans and Mugello.”

Austin did not end the way you would have liked.

“The crash was obviously my problem, you have to prevent them, but sometimes they are unpredictable ... on that lap behind Acosta the tire temperature had gone up and I had that brake problem. I have to tweak the small mistakes and stay consistently in the top positions.”

Something will change on the Ducati  #93.
"The team has been working a lot these weeks, and we have some different tests to do. The first thing we'll change is the brake lever. I use a rather special one that I already used in Honda, but we needed some changes here. They're working a lot with Ducati on this, but I also know that I have to work on my riding."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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