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MotoGP, Domenicali: "The incident between Marquez and Bagnaia? I'm not biting."

"I understand that this is a journalistic cue, but I don't want to get dragged into any controversy. They are two great champions and no one wanted to quit. They both have experience, maybe they could have avoided it."

MotoGP: Domenicali:

Claudio Domenicali is smiling at the end of the Portuguese Grand Prix, because two Ducatis beat everyone with Martìn's victory ahead of Bastianini. But there is obviously some bitterness in his mouth, because the episode involving Marquez and Bagnaia took two spearheads off the scene and obviously opened the way for possible controversy, which, however, seems to have been extinguished by all parties involved.

Domenicali was interviewed by Sky Sport MotoGP colleagues during Enea Bastianini's podium celebration, addressing various issues.
"We did first and second with an official Ducati, so I'm happy anyway today. But it's clear that when things like that happen between Pecco and Marc we all feel a little bad, but that's how races are made. They are two great champions and he didn't want to give up on either of them. I followed the analysis that was done on TV by Meda and depending on where you watch it from you tend to give some reason to one or the other. Maybe two with their experience could have been more careful, but on the other side neither wanted to give up. So even though only a fifth place was at stake, they played it a lot and they both took risks."

According to Domenicali, the mistake is understandable but not entirely justifiable.
"Then it's easy to make the analysis here, but when you're inside and you have the adrenaline on it's all different. I understand them, but I don't completely justify them, that can be a good summary."

According to Ducati's CEO, Marquez's arrival has not touched the balance.
"There are so many champions here, today we even saw Acosta have a crazy race. So I don't know if one more or less changes who knows what in the end. They are all very strong, some are world champions like Pecco and Marc who always want to win. I understand that they like the topic as a journalistic cue, but I try not to get pulled into the controversy if I can, I don't bite."

Meanwhile, today Martìn and Bastianini, two who are playing for the official bike for 2024, arrived ahead of each other. A good problem to solve.
"Having many strong riders also means that we have invested well in these guys, that we are making them grow and that by now they have already grown up. They are all riders capable of aiming for the title, Martìn last year fought with Pecco until Valencia, while Enea had some crazy races including today's. Let's say it is a choice that on the one hand is not easy, but it is also a privileged choice."


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