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MotoGP, PHOTOS - The new Aprilia at Sepang with Cadillac-style fins visible

During the Shakedown, an interesting aerodynamic evolution appeared on the RS-GP that Lorenzo Savadori is using: two new wings on the tail

MotoGP: PHOTOS - The new Aprilia at Sepang with Cadillac-style fins visible

In the Shakedown not all the manufacturers are playing their cards close to their chest, there are in fact those who are already showing off some of their weapons for 2024, and that includes Aprilia. At Sepang, in fact, an RS-GP with advanced aerodynamics compared to that of the previous year appeared outside the team garage.

What immediately catches the eye is the tail which has unusual shapes. Aprilia is the first manufacturer to apply a small wing on the rear of the bike, but the new evolution is completely different from what we have seen previously and also on the rival bikes. While Ducati has put on stegosaurus-type wings and KTM has put on a wing that would make the Formula 1s envious, at Noale they seem to have been inspired by the legendary fins of the Cadillac.

In fact, on the tail you can see two lateral plates that form two wings, whose downward trend is also very evident. It is not the only experiment on the RS-GP, because also on the swingarm there is a carbon shell that covers most of the rear wheel.

Romano Albesiano and his men seem to have done their (Christmas) holiday homework very well, once again opening paths towards so far unexplored territories.

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