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Moto3, Munoz: “The perfect rider is a mix between Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa”

“I think Marc has everything in terms of speed and aggression, while Dani has always got the best out of the bike. What would I do if I were Marquez? I would go to Ducati in 2024"

Moto3: Munoz: “The perfect rider is a mix between Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa”


The 2023 season is not going according to David Munoz's expectations. After impressing in his debut season in Moto3, the 17-year-old from Andalusia aimed to enter the fight for the World Championship in this second year with the colours of the BOÉ Motorsports team. An injury to his left foot suffered during qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix, however, complicated the plans of the young Iberian rider, who has only stepped onto the podium in the opening round of the championship in Portugal.

“The intention was to fight for the World Championship this year. We were ready to do it, but the injury at Jerez didn't help us. Next year I will fight for the title and in 2025, God willing, I will be in Moto2,” said the Spaniard in an interview given during an event organized by Pont Grup on the Jerez circuit.

It was an opportunity for Munoz to take stock of his season and the progress made in the last two races at Barcelona and Misano.

“At Montmelò we took a step forward in everything, both me and the team. This made us stronger and allowed us to have a good race at Barcelona and then at Misano" commented David, who missed out on the Catalunya podium due to a crash on the last lap after a contact with Deniz Oncu. “I don't know how it happened, but it had to happen,” he added, speaking of the incident. “We carried out a test there on Monday and the truth is that I felt much stronger after what happened to me. I think we did a good job, and I told the team that I was a lot stronger than I was at the weekend, so far everything is going well."

Having grown up with great champions as a benchmark, the 17-year-old born in Seville has no doubts about what characteristics the perfect rider should have: “Marc Marquez in my opinion has everything in terms of speed, aggression and working method, while Dani Pedrosa has always got the best out of the motorbike. He did it when he was in Honda and even now with KTM. I believe that by combining these two we would have the perfect rider, for a long time."

Calling Marquez into question, Munoz then expressed his opinion on the future of the eight-time world champion, saying what he would do in his place in 2024: "It depends on many factors, but if I were him I think I would choose the Ducati because it is the best bike on the grid at the moment and it would be interesting to see him on that bike."


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