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MotoGP, Puig: "I think that Marquez will stay, but Honda doesn’t want people not happy being in Honda"

"We are failing to find a solution to our problems and 2 months won't be enough. The Japanese need to change mentality and be more reactive and aggressive, like the Europeans

MotoGP: Puig: "I think that Marquez will stay, but Honda doesn’t want people not happy being in Honda"


It wasn't just Marquez who spoke to the press today, team manager Alberto Puig also answered questions about the crisis that has hit Honda. “How are we going to get out of this? If someone has an answer, he could help us”, he tried to defuse a situation where there is no reason to laugh.

“We're not in a good moment, we have three injured riders - let's face it - We have our problems, we've been dealing with them for a few years, but it's not possible to change things overnight. It is clear that we are failing to find a solution, we are trying, and we can only continue to do so."

How long will it take to see the light again? Maybe at the Misano tests?

“From my experience, when you're this far behind you can't fix everything in a couple of months, it's not easy. Sure, if you don't try you may not know, but we can't be too optimistic. We have to find the point that still eludes us."

Do you think Marquez will continue racing for Honda next year?

“I have to think yes, because we have a contract. But I have to say that I think every person is free to do what he wants in life, and Honda is not a company that wants to have people that are not happy being in Honda.  Honda respects Marc a lot but I don't have a magic ball.”

What updates can you give us about Mir?

“What I know is that due to the hand injury he sustained at Mugello, he doesn't have the strength; riding in a fast circuit like this would have been a problem. We respected his decision; we don't force a rider to race. All I know is that we will see him again at Silverstone."

Why are the Japanese struggling so much?

“The European manufacturers have been aggressive; they have taken risks even by accepting their mistakes. The Japanese have a more conservative mentality, they need to change their approach and be more reactive. It's difficult".

Is there a lack of communication between the track and the company?

“Japan is far away, but we on the track are aware of what's happening but I can't know if all the information that arrives reflects reality. In Honda they have a lot of experience, but with the current regulations, a different attitude is needed. However, the results are there for all to see every Sunday”.

What was the main mistake that led you to be in this situation?

“We talk about mistakes because now we're in the shit, but we've done good things in the past (laughs). With the Covid epidemic in 2020 and Marc's injury, things went downhill. We were unable to develop the bike as in the past, we lost first 2 tenths, then 4, then a second. It was several coincidences that brought us to this point.”

Do you think that revising the concession system could be a lifeline?

“We have never talked about it and the regulations do not depend on us. Out of principle, I say that we have to make a better bike, not wait for someone to help us."

KTM has also improved by taking engineers from Ducati, could Honda agree to do the same?

“I don't know what they think, but they've been building good bikes for a long time. If they're here in MotoGP, it's because they want to win."


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