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MotoGP, A. Espargaro: “I’m in love with the Aprilia, but I can’t overtake”

“We have to understand why I don’t overtake when I’m in the slipstream, and I lose so much at the start. Bagnaia had to hand the position back to Miller. Those who think that the level of the MotoGP is low, seeing what Pedrosa has done, don’t understand much.”

MotoGP: A. Espargaro: “I’m in love with the Aprilia, but I can’t overtake”

It could be considered a missed opportunity if we think that he started from a pole position. In the end, however, Aleix Espargarò managed to make up for Saturday afternoon’s fall, taking a 5th place in Sunday’s race.

But the Spanish rider can’t be entirely enthusiastic about the result, even if the glass is half full for him, despite all the difficulties he encountered.

I’m sad about this result,” he said. “At the moment, I can’t start well, and I lose too much when I’m in the slipstream. It’s impossible for me to overtake, and I don’t understand why. In fact, when I was behind Zarco, I struggled. Then, when Johann fell, I was able to find my pace. I honestly don’t know why, because the bike is excellent, and I wouldn'’t trade it for any other in the world, but I can’t be as aggressive as I want to.

The Aprilia rider was clear.

I don’t think it depends on the pressure or the temperature of the front tire. There'’s probably something related to the aerodynamics, but we need to understand why. Why it doesn’t work as it should.

Then there’s another aspect on which Espargarò dwelled.

At the start, I lose too many positions, and it happened again today. So we need to improve with the clutch, because I can’t end up behind like yesterday. The problems I’m dealing with are these, even if I feel satisfied for having obtained some points.

The goal is to find a quick solution.

The bike is fantastic. I’m in love with this Aprilia, and we also have speed. The fact is that I can’t take advantage of it as I’d like to and, right now, I can’t recuperate positions. In the end, these are motorcycle races where you have to overtake.”

He also spoke about the performance of the KTMs.

The KTM riders were very good. What do I think of Pedrosa? Dani is one of the best riders in the history of the MotoGP, but he tested here for many days. I also asked him to swap our helmets. Anyone who thinks the level is low, seeing what Dani has done, I’d say that they don’t understand much about motorcycles.

Finally, a consideration on Pecco’s maneuver with Miller.

The fact that he had to give the position back, I think that’s fair. Honestly, I don’t feel like being a judge, since it’s not up to me. But I saw what happened, because I was behind them. Pecco tried to be clean in the entrance but, in the end, he touched Jack, and Miller almost fell. So, the race direction’s decision was right.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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