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MotoGP, Hofmann: "Martin's future is in Aprilia, in Espargaro's place"

"The two riders are managed by Valera, and it's clear that, if Aleix's retires, the manager will help Jorge get to Noale. The trouble with the MotoGP? Many good riders but few competitive bikes."

MotoGP: Hofmann:

What's certain is that, until 2026, Fabio Quartararo will remain with Yamaha, at least on paper. Somewhat surprisingly - in light of his ill-concealed disappointment, which he manifested on several occasions, over the lack of his M1's competitiveness - the French rider agreed to renew his commitment, kicking off well in advance of market movements.

If a hotshot like the 2021 MotoGP world champion has already found a place to go, what Martin will do is still uncertain. The Spanish rider - who's Bagnaia's main rival in the fight for the title, today as he was in 2023 - admitted from Austin that he's interested in leaving Pramac, and desires a spot in the factory team. Should this, go unfulfilled, the possibilities are varied, as former rider Alex Hofmann pointed out to Speedweek.

"The feeling is that he could take the place of his friend, Aleix Espargaro, on the RS-GP," he considered. "In fact, we shouldn't forget that the two are managed by Albert Valera and, should the current Aprilia rider decide to retire, the manager will make sure to keep the door open at Noale for Jorge."

For the Hofmann, Finding the places for riders has become more complicated than in the past. "The problem is that there are only good riders on the grid, and there are few bikes available for the best riders. And, in the end, everyone aspires to be on the most competitive team," he concluded.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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