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MotoGP, Tardozzi: "Gigi was worried, but we trusted our riders"

"We don't want a repeat of Argentina 2016, we will make sure that doesn't happen, but the only thing we said to Bagnaia and Bastianini is not to make dangerous overtaking. Too much criticism of Pecco on social media networks: I'm tired of seeing this guy belittled"

MotoGP: Tardozzi:

Davide Tardozzi replied to journalists after a Malaysian race that put Bagnaia well on the way towards a world championship title. So much tension today in the Ducati garage, with the 2023 dream team fighting for the top spot and the Argentina 2016 nightmare just around the corner. The Italian bike dominated proceedings, occupying the top positions. And Tardozzi wanted to underline the worth ​​of his riders on the track.

So you didn’t give team orders?

“No, if not the usual before the race: We don't want dangerous overtaking between Ducati riders. Obviously we were nervous because we still have Argentina 2016 between Iannone and Dovizioso in front of our eyes and we don’t want it again between two Ducati riders. Clearly our usual words: do not do any dangerous overtaking between Ducati riders. That's all".

In your opinion, were they listened to, were Bastianini's ones dangerous or not?

“Look, generally yes. Then Enea had some today ... but I would like to say that when Enea passed in front he slowed down slightly, so Pecco then regained first place in the race and Enea went back to lap a little stronger. So I want to say that the times of the race underline the fact that Enea did not let Pecco pass, but simply as the race went on, he lapped a bit slower and Pecco regained the first place. Then Enea from behind returned to lapping in 2'01, when he was in front in 2'00.6 ".

So that overtaking and counter-overtaking was avoidable?

"It was avoidable in a situation of tranquillity, as I said the important thing is that they do not create problems. This is important to us ”.

Now, let's go beyond what we are saying to each other. In such an important race he was right behind him for the whole race, he put pressure on him, here he wasn’t just fighting for a victory, he was fighting for the world championship. So, is there any sense in that?

"Is there any sense? You’ll have to ask Enea this question, not me ”.

But from the Ducati Team Manager's point of view, is there any sense?

"In my opinion he could have been a bit softer, but I repeat you have to ask Enea the question. It is clear that Enea felt he could win, then obviously as I said before, as the race went on he didn't have the pace and he decided that finishing second was his position ”.

Davide, we have never seen Gigi move from his corner.

"Dall'Igna has never moved from that chair over the years. It is clear that even Gigi, whom I listened to in Argentina after the incident, has a clear idea of ​​what happened that time. So I repeat for the third time: we don't want Argentina 2016 anymore. Gigi worried about whether it was right to say or do something ... he was with me and Paolo, so we decided not to do anything: we trusted our riders".

Now we close our notebooks so tell us the truth…

“It is clear that if we had wanted to, we could have sent onto the rider’s dashboard: P2 OK, to Bastianini. could we do it? Yes. We didn't. "

But didn't he know this? You will have talked to him in these days. He is also not stupid. He knows what the situation is. He is not a boy ...

“But it's not, I mean… Bastianini, they told me at the conference, he said that he tried to pass and then Pecco passed him again. I repeat, try to look at the timesheets. Quartararo was catching them, at which point Pecco passed again and they went back to going 3-4 tenths faster, right? And what the hell of an answer do I have to give you? ".

Do you expect another Argentina 2016 next year?

"Absolutely no! Because Pecco and Enea are absolutely two Ducati riders who will do their best for Ducati and manage it better with us. Then Gigi Dall’Igna, Paolo Ciabatti and Davide Tardozzi will make sure that what we say is clear ".

Corporal punishment and things like that?

"Everything necessary".

Two points from the title, do you already feel it belongs to Ducati?

"99%. Never say never, anything can happen ”.

What do you think of the start that Pecco made today?

“A champion's desire to win. He made the best start I've seen in my life, but this is the determination of a champion and we need to stop saying that Pecco is not a champion. He has won 7 races, plus 4 last year. He has won more than half of the races that there have been since the end of last year. What more does he need to do to prove he's a champion? He is leading the world championship, he has won half of the races that have been held, the other races, apart from one, he has always gone on the podium or near podium positions. What more does he have to do".

Why are you angry David?

"I'm angry, because there are those who continue to belittle Pecco Bagnaia".

Who does this?

"Read social media, read those who say he is not a champion".

You give too much importance to social media…

“They keep saying he's not a champion: there are those who have won the world championships without winning a race, those who have won with one race. This year Pecco has won 7 and 4 of the last 6 of last year and I repeat that when he crashed he was in the lead: either first or second. I believe that Pecco is strong. And today he showed how strong he is with his head, with the start he made, as he threw himself into the first corner, with Marc Marquez closing him. Pecco was exceptional. He showed the determination of champions. Something that for example I admired very much in Guevara. Guevara wanted to win by winning. These are the champions, not the ones walking around to collect three points. Then it is clear that at Valencia he will have a race where he will not try to risk too much, if Quartararo should win. But I think that Bagnaia is proving much more than what everyone expected and this must be acknowledged ”.

Can I end with a quip? At Valencia you can play as a team by letting the other Ducati riders win.

“That’s really nice. No, but look, we have another goal. Enea coming third is another goal for us ”.

So I'll say it again: is Enea free to win at Valencia?

"He was free here too, did he do it? Did he do it at Misano? No, because there are those who said that Enea let Pecco win at Misano. Also at Aragon. It's not a matter of being angry, it's a matter of wanting this guy's potential to be recognized. Many Ducati riders have his bike, as there are so many, but Pecco has won 7 races. He has been the best ".

A comment on Quartararo.

"I spoke before to Maio at Parc Fermé, who said to me: ‘Blimey, I saw Fabio's start’ and I replied: 'He made a hell of a start’ then then I saw Pecco in front and I said: 'And what has he done?' Both showed something: Fabio that he is the world champion and the other who can become one. I believe that these guys will give us big satisfaction on a sporting level, I believe and hope that Marc Marquez will also be there for the champion he is and certainly there will be other Ducati riders. Today Jorge Martìn made a mistake but he is still very fast and Enea will fight for the championship too next year ".

Did you think Bezzecchi would have overtaken Fabio?

"Yes, I expected it, then Fabio kept up the pace and instead Bezzecchi lost a bit, but let's remember that Bezzecchi is a rookie and today he had an extraordinary race going after the world champion. Chapeau also for Bezzecchi ”.


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