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SBK, Lorenzo reassesses his opinion about the Ducati V4S at Misano: "a beast"

After criticizing the bike at Mugello, in a brief contact at the Pro Day of Vmoto Soco promoted by Pirro, he agreed to go back to Misano for a second opinion

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Last Monday Michele Pirro, on the occasion of Vmoto Soco Pro Day 2022, a presentation organized at Mugello by Graziano Milone, CEO of the Chinese company and preceded by a track day reserved for friends, let Jorge Lorenzo try his Panigale V4S.

In addition to Jorge who is the testimonial of Vmoto Soco, Troy Bayliss and Marco Lucchinelli were also present at the test. Everyone rode with their own bikes, and on that occasion the Majorcan was with his Yamaha R1 prepared.

GPOne was also there in force, and once he got off the V4S Jorge Lorenzo was very critical in expressing his judgment on the Ducati. On the one hand, he praised its power, but on the other he criticized the usability of the engine and the cornering behaviour.

The video of the mini-test, published on our Facebook page, in two days reached 150,000 views. That was enough to put a flea in Michele Pirro's ear to get Jorge to try the V4S bike again yesterday at Misano. This time round, the five-time world champion made a reassessment about the bike, calling it 'a beast'.

Maybe he even had a bit more time to get used to the bike and dial it in. After all, everyone knows that Jorge is very demanding, and in any case good old Michele now has another illustrious suggestion on development to take into account!


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