Zanetti: “I’m out of MotoAmerica and they didn’t even tell me.”

THE INTERVIEW - “This is a political move. On December 28th, I had a contract and a new house to move into with my family. They then disappeared into thin air. MotoAmerica? A rider there feels like an NBA player.”


Six podiums and a victory in Indianapolis. Apparently, this wasn’t enough to guarantee a reconfirmation, since politics have, once again, won in the world of racing. The fact is that Lorenzo Zanetti had to swallow a really bitter pill, since he won’t be participating in MotoAmerica next season with Ducati HSBK New York.

The team preferred Loris Baz, despite Zanetti’s positive performance in 2020. In the aftermath of that cold shower, Lorenzo feels bitter and disappointed but, at the same time, he also wants to get back on the track soon. We reached him by phone to get him to tell us what happened.

What can I say. This was really a damper,” Zanetti began. “We’re really sorry to end up like this, given that we had a positive season last year. There are six podiums, the Indy victory, or the results that represented a starting point for 2021. I would have arrived at the new Championship with more experience and further awareness within me to aim for the title.”

Instead, it went differently. Why is that?

"Honestly, I don't know. I ask myself the reason for all this even today. I could understand if there was a motivation linked to the results or on an economic level. Instead, nothing. I think it was a political move, that’s all. In the end, Baz will be on that Ducati and I’m really sorry about how it ended, also because we agreed on everything with the team.”

You already had a contract in hand for 2021.

"Exactly. When we spoke with the team on December 28th, we were aligned on the contract and also for the accommodations. I was supposed to move to Pennsylvania, so much so that I started talking about it with my family, since it takes time to plan a move to America. I had already started on my visa and, at the same time, those for my family. We were really willing to start this new experience, which should have lasted about six months.

What happened then?

They disappeared into thin air. I never heard from them again. I then found out, in in the last few weeks here in Italy, that Ducati was working to put Baz in my place on that bike, and they did. At that point, I realized that my adventure had come to an end. I feel bad, because I’m out of MotoAmerica, and I haven’t even been told in person.”

But Ducati is already working to reposition you. There’s already a proposal for the CIV.

Of course. Now we have to redefine the situation here in Italy with Ducati, but I can confirm that there’s also some possibility related to the CIV for this year. Among other things, I also received offers from MotoAmerica, from other teams. My priority, however, is to race, also aiming for some wildcards in the World Superbike.

Speaking of the Superbike, you could have been on the Motocorsa’s Ducati this year.

"Yes. We talked about it after Barcelona, but it didn’t happen.

Lorenzo, what will you miss from MotoAmerica and the States?

The MotoAmerica will undoubtedly remain a memorable experience. In the States, I felt like a real rider, because they valued me. In fact, there’s that appeal of the legend regarding riders. Kind of like being an NBA player. All that atmosphere is really special because, on the one hand, there are the races, the competition on the track but, at the same time, also the entertainment.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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