MotoGP, Sylvain Guintoli reveals all the secrets of the seamless gearbox

VIDEO - "It's a system that gives great advantages in MotoGP, but not on a production bike. When you use it, the gearbox feels like butter, extra super-smooth"

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


Sylvain Guintoli in recent weeks has proved to be an exceptional YouTuber. The former SBK champion and current Suzuki test rider for MotoGP makes videos in which he gives valuable advice to enthusiasts to improve their riding on the track and reveals a lot of curiosities about the world of racing.

This time Sylvain has decided to talk about the seamless gearbox, one of the most important MotoGP innovations in recent years. The amiable Frenchman does not venture into all the engineering details of the box but instead explains what its advantages are on the track.

Watch the video above and enjoy Sylvain’s explanation of the seamless gearchange.




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