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MotoAmerica, Elias rules again and wins in Pittsburgh

Toni wins race 2 edging Beaubier, sentenced by an error three laps from the end, Herrin 3rd. Wyman 8th with Ducati, Gerloff out due to technical problems

MotoAmerica: Elias rules again and wins in Pittsburgh


The MotoAmerica weekend in Pittsburgh promised a show, and even race 2 was full of twists and turns. The first big plot change happened at the second lap when Garrett Gerloff, winner of Race 1 and the fittest rider of the moment, had to raise the white flag due to a technical problem with his Yamaha.

This opened the door to a quartet formed by Cameron Beaubier, Jake Lewis, Josh Herrin, and Toni Elias, with the Spanish rider and the leader making a difference, lap after lap. The Yamaha rider looked like he was going to win again, but the second twist came up. An error at the chicane three laps from the finish, which opened the doors to success for Toni Elias, certainly not the fastest, but certainly the most precise throughout the race.

So the Spanish rider can leave Pittsburgh - probably the most difficult track for him and his Suzuki - with an extra advantage (35) on Beaubier, compared to the beginning of the weekend, and 56 on the unlucky Gerloff. "It was perhaps the most difficult race of the year given the lack of grip starting from the first lap," explained Elias. "In fact, several riders passed me in the beginning. Then I slowly managed to get back up, also thanks to the mistakes of others: Cameron had the strength to stay up front, but his mistake luckily stole away his chance to do so. I didn't expect this victory. I was lucky, and I'm happy."

Cameron Beaubier had to settle for a second place in two races, a second time straight, and what happened this weekend is likely to be very important for the fate of the championship, especially that mistake three laps from the finish. "I was disappointed to see Garrett (Gerloff) out of the race because he had the best pace." After he was out, I tried to push, but Elias managed to get close to me. I was ready to defend myself, but then I made an error: I braked too late and, in order not to cut them off, but I did worse, ending up on the grass. It was frustrating, like my error in Sonoma. Anyhow, two tracks I like are coming up, so I'm not giving up."

On the podium in this crazy race was Josh Herrin, who managed to redeem himself after the accident and a seventh place in Race 1. "After the misfortunes of the last races, this podium is a good result. It was difficult to keep Lewis behind in the last stage because I no longer had my front tire on the left side, since I mounted the soft one. However, I did it, and I'm very satisfied with this result."

Jake Lewis' Suzuki was a 4th place, which partially remedies the zero in Race 1, preceding Scholtz and Beach, while Jake Gagne conquers a seventh place with his BMW.

Important points also for Kyle Wyman riding the Ducati, thanks to an 8th place, which balances the zero in Race 1.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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