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Moto2, The FIM disqualifies Fenati for the rest of 2018

The International Federation has decided to up the penalty, from a 2 to a 6-race disqualification period

Moto2: The FIM disqualifies Fenati for the rest of 2018


Despite the words of president Vito Ippolito, who told us he did not want to lay in to Fenati, the International Motorcycle Federation has decided to rule with an iron fist in this case. Having heard Romano's version of events at the Misano GP, the FIM has decided to up the rider's punishment.

While the Stewards Panel, at the end of the race, disqualified Fenati for two rounds (Aragon and Thailand), the Federation has decided to increase this to six races, so until the end of the season. This means that Romano cannot return to racing in the world championship until next year.

A surprising decision, considering that we were led to believe they would take a soft line, trying to involve the Italian in a campaign to promote the sport and safety as a way of making up for his mistake.

The FIM has instead taken a different direction, on the very day that many riders, Valentino Rossi included, were standing up for Fenati at Aragon.

Now that the International Federation has made its judgement, we wait to hear what the Italian Federation will do now, having already confirmed the temporary suspension of the rider's licence.

Translated by Heather Watson

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