SBK, Dosoli: the Yamaha project is on the right path

"it will take years of work to reach the top, but we're already the third force here. Michael's tyre? Came away from the wheel but we don't know the reason"


Once again today, it was Ducati and Kawasaki dominating in Superbike, but they may not be alone for long. This is the hope of Andrea Dosoli, who is convinced of the Yamaha project's validity and plays a key role in it.

Race 1, a positive or negative balance?

In a situation like this you need to take the positives, or rather the pace of the bike with both riders, thanks also to the last test. Alex struggled more, but following the crashes he was able to achieve his second consecutive podium after Donington, while Michael was convinced about the bike right from yesterday, the way he managed the race surprised us, in a positive way, up to when he was forced to stop due to a tyre issue".

At first glance, it seemed like the tyre came away from the wheel…

“The images are correct, the tyre was off the wheel but we still need to understand the reason”.

At what point is the Yamaha package right now?

“We're working to improve, and the results are clear to see. We've clearly improved compared to the past, and right now we're the third force in the championship, while at some tracks like Misano we can even fight for the win, but our current potential is not enough to allow us to fight constantly with Kawasaki e Ducati. We're in line with the schedule we have in mind, but know we still have a lot of work to do.”

You're pleased with the results so far then?

“Yes, because only years of continuous work and refinement of the package can reduce the gap to those manufacturers that currently lead the way. There are many things still to develop, across all areas of the package, or rather the bike, the team working on it and the riders. These three elements need to mature and we're working to achieve this goal”.

Let's change the subject. The common view is that Superbike is losing appeal, do you agree?

"In reality, in the last two years I've seen a constant increase in interest as far as the public is concerned, also if we look at the crowd figures. This is a positive sign, that may mean that the path being taken to develop the championship is the right one”

You hold a different opinion then, while many criticise having two races on two different days.

“This cane have different interpretations depending on viewpoint. As an emerging team for example, having one race on Saturday doesn't help because it reduces the time we have to work to reduce the gap  to Kawasaki and Ducati. All of this has a negative impact on the chances of having more hard-fought races. Those who are ready on Friday evening can run a good race, while the others are in difficulty, seeing as the Saturday morning session is often useless due to the time. This format could be kept but it would help to change the time of race by a few hours. If we're talking about the public though it's proved to be a winning move if we look at spectator numbers”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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