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Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

BUFFER OVERFLOW S.r.l. (hereinafter "BO") authorizes the navigation and use of the website, (hereinafter, the "site") in accordance with the provisions of this legal disclaimer (hereinafter, "disclaimer").

For the use of the services available on this site (hereinafter, the "services") and the responsibilities connected with content to be published on the site sent by the user (hereinafter, "user"), BO invites you to read and accept the relevant conditions of use (hereinafter, "general conditions").

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Failure by BO to exercise any right deriving from this disclaimer, from the general conditions relating to the services, and from any other notice and information published on the site will, in no case, constitute a waiver of that right.

The word, "contents", shall be, included and not limited to, understood as: any text, information, data, image, photographs, sound, audio and video, software, graphic element or any other transmitted element, regardless of, included and not limited to, format, size, and techniques used for the online transmission of the same.

1. Use of the Site and Intellectual Property

1.1 The user is expressly forbidden to use and/or have the site used for commercial purposes.

1.2 All contents available on the site are protected by current laws on copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents for industrial inventions, or by other intellectual property rights. Therefore, the user may not reproduce, duplicate, copy and redistribute, retransmit also to other websites, transfer or otherwise make available to third parties, for any reason whatsoever, or however use the contents for purposes other than saving and/or consulting the same, without prior express and formal approval by BO and/or third party advertisers.

1.3 In the event of an alleged or ascertained violation of said point 1, the user responsible for the violation must, with immediate effect, destroy any content that has been reproduced, duplicated, copied, downloaded or printed, notwithstanding any action for recourse and compensation for damage by BO.

2. Netiquette Rules

2.1 The user is invited to read the following netiquette rules with reference to the use of the site and the services, it being understood that, as mentioned above, with reference to the services, the user is also invited to read the relevant general conditions.

2.2 The user is invited to:

a) visit the site before starting to send content, in order to understand the environment, and in order to relate to the services in the best way;

b) always check what is sent and make sure that it complies with this disclaimer and with the general conditions of the services;

c) write a clear message with an appropriate title in the contents sent through the services;

d) highlight the relevant passages of the original message if you reply to the content of another user, so that other users who have not read the message can understand it, but never systematically include the entire original content;

e) not get involved in lengthy questions and answers with other users;

f) not capitalize letters where not necessary;

g) not use titles that are too long;

h) always remember that the services are public and, therefore, the content sent will be read by all users who access the services;

i) respect other users.

3. Advertising Messages

3.1 The navigation and use of the site involve the free and unconditional consent of the user, since the site includes the dissemination of messages and/or advertising and/or promotional communications or commercial communications by BO or by group companies or third-party companies (including but not limited to the possibility of the site containing advertising banners, advertorials, etc.).

3.2 In relation to the above, BO, other companies of the group, and the aforementioned third-party companies do not assume any responsibility for direct or indirect consequences and do not issue any type of warranty regarding the abovementioned content of the messages and/or communications and, however, regarding the products, goods, or services acquired or otherwise obtained through the site or through any transactions carried out through the site itself.

3.3 Subject to the above, BO, the companies of the group, and the aforementioned third-party companies are and remain completely unrelated to any and all commercial transactions between the user and the advertisers, and this also with particular regard to the delivery of goods or the supply of the services, and the payment of relevant prices and fees.

3.4 Therefore, BO, the companies of the group, and the aforementioned third-party companies cannot be held responsible for any and all consequences connected to or deriving, directly or indirectly, from any and all transactions.

4. Hyperlinks and Links to Other Websites

4.1 Hyperlinks and links to other websites on this site are provided solely for the convenience of the user. Using these hyperlinks and/or links will take you out of this site. BO has not reviewed said sites, does not manage them, and is not responsible for their contents and services.

4.2 BO, therefore, does not guarantee for and does not endorse these hyperlinks and/or links and sites, their contents, or any results obtained from their use.

4.3 Under no circumstances will BO, its suppliers, or other third parties mentioned on the site be liable for damages (including, without limitation, those deriving from loss of profits, loss of data or interruption of activity) caused by the use, the inability to use, or the consequences of using the above sites.

4.4 The user is solely and exclusively responsible for accessing other sites through hyperlinks or links on this site.

5. Hyperlinks and Links to this Site

5.1 It is possible to create links to this site from other websites, but only in accordance with said point 5, in compliance with all prevailing applicable laws, notwithstanding the fact that BO reserves the right to request the elimination of such hyperlinks or links.

5.2 Other sites that connect to the site, notwithstanding prior express notice and formal approval by BO and/or third party advertisers of the Site:

a) can connect with but cannot replicate the contents and services of the Site;

b) cannot create a browser environment or a border around the contents of the Site;

c) cannot make statements that suggest that BO approves their products;

d) must truthfully present their relationship with BO;

e) cannot present false information on the Site or in the services;

f) cannot use the BO logo.

5.3 Furthermore, the others sites that link to the Site may not contain content that can be judged to be in bad taste, offensive, or controversial and may only contain content that is appropriate for all age groups.

6. Limitation of Warranties

6.1 Access to the Site and its use are at the sole risk of the user. The Site and its contents can be used "in the state in which they are" and "as they are available".

6.2 BO does not provide any kind of express or implicit warranty that the Site corresponds to its own requirements and/or the user's expectations, or that it is uninterrupted, convenient, safe, or error-free.

6.3 BO does not provide any warranty to the user regarding the results that can be obtained through the use of the Site, or regarding the truthfulness and/or reliability of any content on the Site.

7. Limitation of Liability

7.1 BO, along with its representatives, employees, collaborators, as well as its partners, may not, within the broadest limits of the law, be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, or liable for any obligation to compensation, including legal fees, resulting from the user or from third parties regarding:

a) the use or inability to use the Site;

b) any change, suspension or interruption of the Site;

c) contents in the Site;

d) change in the transmission and/or data of the user, including any damage, financial or otherwise, said user may possibly suffer from non-use or loss of data or other intangible elements;

e) the malfunction of software installed by the user, the failure and/or malfunction of telephone and/or telematic connections, the electronic equipment of the user or third parties, including Internet Service Providers;

f) actions of other users or other persons who have access to the network.

7.2 BO assumes no responsibility for any damage, loss of data, information, costs, expenses, damages suffered by the user or by third parties for a delay in or loss of opportunities, inaccurate information or failure to find information, restrictions or loss of access, difficulties or problems of any kind, errors, or unauthorized use during access to the Site, or in relation to other forms of interaction within the Site.

7.3 Downloading or otherwise obtaining content through the use of the Site will be the user’s choice and risk and, therefore, the user will be solely responsible for any damage to computer systems or loss of data resulting from these procedures.

7.4 In no case may BO be held responsible for the failure to fulfill, or for the inaccurate fulfillment by the user, of any legal or regulatory procedure in relation to this disclaimer.

7.5 The user shall be solely responsible for any broader civil, criminal, and administrative liability arising from any illegal, improper, or abnormal use of the Site and from any damage that may be claimed by third parties in this regard.

8. Modification, Suspension, or Interruption of the Site

8.1 BO reserves the right, at any time, to determine and modify the characteristics, form, and contents, as well as the operation of the Site, or to suspend or interrupt the Site, in part or in whole.

8.2 Let it be understood that BO will not, in any case and for any reason, be liable to the user or third parties for any modification, suspension, or definitive interruption of the Site.

8.3 Any permanent interruption of the Site will be communicated to the Uusers by means of a notice published online at the URL of the Site.

9. Modification of the Disclaimer

9.1 This disclaimer may be modified by BO at any time and without notice. The user is, therefore, required to periodically consult the disclaimer in order to check for any updates. This disclaimer is valid for the user in the version published on the Site at the time of navigation.

9.2 However, BO is not liable towards the user for any change made to the disclaimer.

10. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

10.1 This disclaimer is governed by Italian law.

10.2 For all disputes that may arise in relation to the execution or interpretation of this disclaimer, the Court of Rome will have exclusive jurisdiction.

11. Links of and Services with Third Parties

11.1 Please note that when you use a link to switch from our Site to another website or request a third party service, our policy no longer applies. Your navigation and interaction on any other website, or your relationship with any other third party service provider, is subject to the rules and policies of the service provider or third parties. We do not monitor, control, or approve the collection of  data or the privacy practices of third parties. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy practices of each website you visit or any third-party service provider, and to contact them if you have any questions about their respective privacy policies and practices. This policy applies only to data collected by us through our Site or services.

11.2 Property may include proprietary Nielsen measurement software, which will enable users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. To learn more about the data that Nielsen software may collect and your related choices, please read the Nielsen Digital Measurement Privacy Policy -

11.3 External cookies:

Name: Omnicom Media Group S.r.l. tramite la DMP di Neodata

Info: -

12. Revocation of Consent for Processing Personal Data

Revocation of consent is the procedure whereby users in the European Economic Area (EEA) and in the United Kingdom who have consented to personalized ads can withdraw their consent.

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