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SBK, Corser: "Toprak and Noriyuki Haga are similar, so much natural talent."

"I raced so many times against Nori, it was better to have him in front than behind you. Both he and Torpak came out of nowhere, so to speak, and then they were immediately ahead of everyone."

SBK: Corser:

Troy Corser has spent almost twenty years of his career in the SBK paddock, won two titles first with Ducati and then with Suzuki, contesting a total of 377 races, winning 33 of them, and is universally recognized as one of the fastest riders in the history of derivatives. The Australian indulged in a comparison in our opinion very much in our opinion between two riders who have never crossed wheels on the track, belonging to two different eras.

On one side Toprak Razgatlioglu, the Turkish phenomenon who in his first season in BMW is already making the Bavarians dream. On the other is Noriyuki Haga, the Japanese tightrope walker who, despite never having won a title in SBK, is considered a true legend among fans for his on-track temperament, which led him to offer so much spectacle while reaping perhaps less than his talent would have allowed.

"When I used to race, we would do three fast laps at the beginning of the race, then slow down and in the last laps the real duels would start. Now, on the other hand, the riders go really fast from the first lap to the last lap. We had a lot of fun back then, but today the level is different. We respected each other, we never went beyond the limits of the track and we didn't touch each other. At the end of the day we would meet in a hospitality for a beer. If your rival had won, it was off to drink in his! If, on the other hand, you had won, they would come to you. There were a lot of very different characters back then, but there are still some today!"

Troy has fought in world SBK with the likes of Carl Fogarty, Colin Edwards, Troy Bayliss, and even Max Biaggi. But the rider who most marked his memories is the only one among them who never won a world championship, namely Noriyuki Haga.

"Nori and I fought in races so many times, both as teammates and as rivals from different teams. You always felt more comfortable when you could see him, rather than when you didn't know where he was. Then you would feel a nudge and realize he was behind you! Frankie Chili was also tough on the track, but off it he was a great person. Only as soon as he lowered his visor he was something else. Fogarty also was tough, but at that time we were all rivals."

According to Corser, Nori Haga has something in common with Toprak Razgatlioglu.
"Toprak's bike control allows him to do everything he does. When you looked at Noriyuki, you felt like he was out of control, but he didn't really crash often and always stayed within limits. Toprak and Nori I would call them very similar, a lot of it is due to their riding ability and all-natural talent. Entrami came practically from nowhere, so to speak, and both of them were immediately ahead of everyone."

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