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SBK, Yamaha wants to surprise Rea: new swingarm in Jerez

One of the innovations brought to the track by Andrea Dosoli’s team, with the objective to allow riders to put less stress on the rear and have greater acceleration out of corners

SBK: Yamaha wants to surprise Rea: new swingarm in Jerez

The second day of Superbike tests began in Jerez, and there were definitely lots of innovations. In fact, a new swingarm appeared at Yamaha, which Johnny Rea got to try out. This evolution brought to the track should allow for less stress on the rear but, above all, for better acceleration out of corners.

But talking about an absolute innovation is wrong, in some ways, because Yamaha might have already tested it in November behind closed doors, so this is their first public presentation. As you can see from the photos, it’s an evolution of the previous one, used in the past by Toprak and Locatelli, as well as by all the other Yamaha riders.

The official team is currently using the new swingarm, then GRT and GMT94 will also test it. We’ll soon see whether this innovation will help in guaranteeing better performance for the R1.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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