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SBK, Orelac abandons Superbike: "With Kawasaki a lot of money spent for nothing"

José Calero speaks: “Continuing with Kawasaki was impossible and made no sense, because the riders don't want to ride that bike. Ours will not be a farewell to Superbike, we want to come back with Baldassarri and Ducati"

SBK: Orelac abandons Superbike:

Kawasaki will have to give up on one satellite team in the 2024 World Superbike Championship. We are talking about Orelac, involved with the Akashi manufacturer until last year. After years of collaboration between the two parties, Calero’s outfit has decided to throw in the towel, bidding farewell to the top class and deciding to focus its efforts solely and exclusively on Supersport, where it will field two Ducatis: one for Baldassarri, the other for Fuligni.

With Josè Calero we spoke about this decision by the Spanish team and the ambitions for 2024.

“Unfortunately, after many years we have decided to give up on Superbike – he told us – we are very sorry to have made this decision, but we had no other solutions. It was a long adventure, lasting many years, but in the end, it was pointless to continue with Kawasaki."

This decision is due to the performance of the bike, right?

"Exactly! In recent years we have spent a lot of money for nothing racing with Kawasaki. Unfortunately, the project is old if we compare it with other manufacturers such as Ducati or BMW, which bring innovations and new bikes. Continuing into 2024 with Kawasaki made no sense, it was impossible for us."

In these last seasons you have focused on Konig.

“Oliver worked hard to do well, but the limit was the bike. Unfortunately, the riders don't want to race with Kawasaki, but prefer to look for other bikes. You can also see the level of the Kawasaki satellite teams from structures such as Puccetti and Pedercini. We are struggling while the other independent teams compete for the podiums and are constantly in the top ten."

2024 will be all about Supersport.

“For the World Championship we will focus everything on Baldassarri while for the European Championship there will be Fuligni. Lorenzo is hungry for revenge after Superbike, and I am convinced that he will want to demonstrate his qualities. I am convinced that together we can do a good job and I can't wait to start this new journey with him on the Ducati."

Is the target the World Championship?

“We will do our utmost to aim for good results, considering that the competition will be really strong despite Bulega bidding farewell to the category. I believe in Lorenzo's qualities because together we can set up a long-term project that doesn't stop at SSP."

By long-term project do you mean a possible return to SBK?

"Certainly. This will not be a goodbye, but a farewell. Gregorio Lavilla has in fact assured us that there will be room for us in SBK in the future. We would like to return in 2025 with Ducati, because it is a competitive bike, and the results are there for all to see. In this regard, I spoke with Ciabatti about the matter in recent months and he too was enthusiastic. The only problem is that now Ducati doesn't have enough bikes available and therefore we couldn't do anything. However, we want to do well in SSP with Balda and then return to SBK with him on a Ducati and be strong."


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