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SBK, Bautista: “I saw Toprak on the BMW, he can already aim for the title”

VIDEO - “I’m going to struggle next year, because being small and light doesn’t mean having only advantages. Penalizing me with 7 kgs is certainly not the correct way to balance out the numbers.”

SBK: Bautista: “I saw Toprak on the BMW, he can already aim for the title”

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He’s the most successful rider of all time in Ducati history. We're talking about Alvaro Bautista who, in 2023, wrote a new chapter of his adventure with Ducati. The Spanish rider couldn’t miss out on the party in Bologna, after a picture-perfect season.

We talked about this, and much more, with Bautista, who’s ready to face 2024, full of pitfalls.

We’re obviously happy for the year we recently concluded,” he said.“With Toprak, it was a good battle on the track, where I could never let my guard down. He never made mistakes and, each time, I had to take advantage of every occasion to win, but without settling.”

Alvaro, in a month, you’ll be starting the race towards the 2024 title. How difficult is it to accept these 7 kgs?
They made this new rule, and I don’t agree with it. Being small and light doesn’t  mean having advantages, since there are many problems like warming up the tires or changing direction. I understand they want to balance out the numbers, but this isn’t the correct way to do it, in my opinion.”

What will change with these 7 kgs?
I’ll certainly struggle more, because I’ll have to be more aggressive in my movements, and I need more space to stop the bike. This isn’t the best option for us, but we’ll see what happens.

What do you think of the Toprak’s tests with BMW?
Toprak’s decision to go to BMW didn’t seem like a bad one to me, since they invested a lot in Germany. Also, the moment you take on a rider like Razgatlioglu, it means that you’re aiming for the title. Personally, I expected him to fight for the title starting the first year. But, besides him, there will also be Rea with the Yamaha, and I’m curious to see Bulega.” 


Translated by Leila Myftija

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