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MotoGP, PHOTO - Yamaha brings a new fairing for Quartararo to Silverstone

The Japanese manufacturer has approved a new aerodynamic package with wings that are different from the previous ones and more similar to those of the competition

MotoGP: PHOTO - Yamaha brings a new fairing for Quartararo to Silverstone


In the lengthy month’s break, it appears that the Yamaha technicians did not take their holidays and at Silverstone they arrived with something new for the M1. Just before the Moto2 bikes took to the track, the men in blue came out of the garage to warm up Fabio Quartararo's bikes and one of the two was fitted with a brand new aerodynamic package.

As you can see from the photos, the front wings are different from what Yamaha had accustomed us to, very 'old style'. Experiments in this sense had already been seen, but were then abandoned, while the current solution seems to have given positive results in the tests because, if we can see it on Quartararo's bike, it means that it has already been homologated.

The Yamaha with the new wings

The new wings are in line with the shape to those of the competition, with two overlapping profiles, like KTM and Ducati.

Fabio has the new aerodynamics mounted on only one of the two bikes, while the other has the old wings.


The Yamaha with the standard wings

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